November, 16, 2017|0 Comments

Da Vinci's Painting Shatters Auction Highs

After 19 minutes of dueling, with four bidders on the telephone and one in the room, Leonardo da Vinci's "Salvatore Mundi" sold on Wednesday night for $450.3 million with fees, shattering the high for any work of art sold at auction...


November, 17, 2017|0 Comments

Tax Plan Passes House

The long-awaited tax plan passed the House on Thursday and Bubba tears into the plan that seeks to rip off the middle class once again. Anytime you see a bunch of smiling swamp creatures, it’s time to check your wallet...

Grains Hold Out for Bullish News

November, 16, 2017|0 Comments

AIR DATE: November 7, 2017 Courtesy: RFD TV Chief Market Strategist Todd "Bubba" Horwitz joins the Market Day Report for a look at the current grains and livestock trading. Todd [...]

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