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Pressure on Pakistan

The Trump administration on Tuesday outlined steps it is prepared to take to raise pressure on Pakistan to stop harboring extremist groups, including sanctions on government officials, ramping up U.S. drone strikes in the country, and further cutting aid...


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Bubba Maintains $40 Target on Crude Oil

Today on The Bubba Show, Bubba shares his Monday night webinar where he goes over the general market conditions and talks about a few of the news events that can affect the markets. Bubba breaks down all the markets and tells everyone that although he is bearish, he would expect a rally which is exactly what we saw on Tuesday. Bubba talks about the credit markets and how they are signaling possible failure...

Gold Falls Ahead of Jackson Hole

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AIR DATE: August 23, 2017 Courtesy: Bloomberg Markets In today's "Futures in Focus," Chief Strategist Todd Horwitz of discusses gold futures and the outlook for oil. He speaks with [...]

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