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Walmart to Start Online Mall

Wal-Mart Stores Inc. is near a deal to add Lord & Taylor to its website, part of a broader effort by the retail giant to build an online shopping destination that can compete with Amazon.com Inc...


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Is the Next Correction Closer Than We Think?

TGIF Today on The Bubba Show, Bubba talks about the senate and the passing of the budget bill late Thursday night. The equity markets are as resilient as they have ever been. Bubba talks about the trade...

Low Volume, Low Action in Grains and Livestock Trade

October, 20, 2017|0 Comments

AIR DATE: October 17, 2017 Courtesy: RFD TV Chief Market Strategist Todd "Bubba" Horwitz joins the Market Day Report for a look at the current grains and livestock trading. Todd [...]

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