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A confidence game (Ponzi scheme, 3 card monte, the shell game, and numerous others) is an attempt to defraud a person or group by gaining their confidence. There are different types of cons, the short con, which is played often at carnivals and places like that to scam or hustle someone out of their cash. The victim is known as the mark, the confidence man, or con man, and can work alone or with a group of others known as shills...


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Markets in La-La Land

Back to work on this fine Monday and the markets are still in La-La Land, with not a care in the world, it seems markets may never go down again. Bubba points out that this is a familiar pattern as seen in every major bubble in history. The confidence level is bursting as investors display their willingness to buy on margin. Complacency is in charge and will be the reason for the next big sell off...

Crude Oil Could Drop Into Low $40s

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AIR DATE: April 20, 2017 Courtesy: Bloomberg Markets Chief Market Strategist of BubbaTrading.com Todd "Bubba" Horwitz speaks with Bloomberg's Vonnie Quinn to discuss oil's rebound after dramatic plunge.

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