September, 22, 2017|0 Comments

SEC Draws Scrutiny for Hack

Many of the most senior officials at the Securities and Exchange Commission remained unaware of a 2016 hack of the agency's computer system for months after it occurred, raising questions about how the breach was initially handled...


September, 22, 2017|0 Comments

Bubba Breaks Down his Stock Watchlist

The weekend is here and North Korea is at it again, calling President Trump deranged. On Thursday, Trump signed an executive order to put maximum sanctions against North Korea. China has stepped up as Bubba called for a week ago. And look at the markets, almost no reaction from investors as greed is in total control...

Grains Head Lower on Another Quiet Trading Day

September, 19, 2017|0 Comments

AIR DATE: September 19, 2017 Courtesy: RFD TV Chief Market Strategist Todd "Bubba" Horwitz joins the Market Day Report for a look at the current grains and livestock trading. Todd [...]

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