Brazilian Steakhouse, Closed

March, 23, 2017|

Let's Talk Meat

Several countries this week have banned imports of Brazilian meat after police raided several meat producers last Friday for allegedly doling out bribes to inspectors to certify meat that was either rotten or tainted with salmonella...

March, 22, 2017|

Danielle DiMartino Booth

Even the best translation of the word – essence – is hard to get your arms around. Perhaps that is why so many of us were blissfully unaware until recently that the very essence of the American Dream was slipping through our fingers. Though the phrase, which captures the very, yes essence, of the American thirst for adventure, dates back to the hopes and spirit that emboldened prospectors to ‘Go West,’...

Wells Fargo Tries to Recapture Image

March, 22, 2017|

Wells Fargo Attempts to "Make things right"

The number of customers opening checking and credit card accounts with Wells Fargo fell sharply in February, compared with a year earlier, as the bank tries to contain the damage from a scandal I've written about multiple times that involved starting accounts without permission...

Walmart Versus Amazon

March, 21, 2017|

Walmart Expands E-Commerce Ambitions

Walmart has been actively expanding its effort to boost its e-commerce operation recently, as the company looks to better compete with online retail giant Amazon. This week, it announced two new initiatives: its subsidiary,, will acquire Mod Cloth - a bohemian vintage clothing brand selling primarily online, as reported by Jezebel. In addition, it plans to invest $863 million in Walmart de Mexico in 2017, according to The Wall Street Journal...

Political Garbage Destroying America

March, 20, 2017|

For almost two years the political rhetoric has been nothing short of an obvious attempt to divide and destroy the American way of life, and since the election of Donald Trump it has only gotten worse. From the "never-Trump" to the idiot protestors and the attacks waged on innocent people for no other reason than who they voted for in the election, the system is totally broken down and is on a collision course with disaster...

The Good, the Bad, and the Blow Off

March, 16, 2017|

There were no surprises as the Fed announced raising the rate for federal funds by a quarter percentage point, from 0.75% to 1% at the end of its two-day meeting on Wednesday. I had felt there was a chance they could raise by .50, and Janet Yellen did signal two more rates hikes in 2017. Money will now cost more to borrow, as mortgage rates, car loans and lines of credit will be more expensive, but also easier to get...

March, 15, 2017|

Danielle DiMartino Booth

Here we sit, biding our time. Will the Fed eventually top President Trump’s agenda, we ask ourselves? Will he ever announce his picks to fill those two, and soon to be three, vacancies on the Board?

Cage Match: Trump Vs. Yellen

March, 15, 2017|

In this corner, wearing blue trunks, gray hair and reading glasses is Janet “the dove” Yellen and in this corner, wearing red white and blue is President Donald “make America great again” Trump.

Make no mistake, these are two foes that have a lot of pent up anger for one another and today’s cage match promises to be a doozy...