Redstone’s Play Dirty

May, 17, 2018|

CBS vs. Redstone

Shari Redstone fired back at CBS Corp., moving to block the media company’s efforts to strip her family of voting control. In a power move to protect its position as the media giant’s controlling shareholder, the Redstones’ family holding company dictated a significant change on Wednesday to the rules of how CBS’s board operates...

May, 16, 2018|

Danielle DiMartino Booth

Not surprisingly, Brussels has a similar feel to that of Washington D.C. but much more relaxed given the bureaucrats have bureaucratic underlings. A tour of the Parliament building had the feeling of a vast city center filled with humanity, but strangely absent of energy. My hosts were the first to concede that not near enough gets done here, not enough meaningful decisions made, precisely because there are too many institutions, too many committees within those institutions and sub-committees within those committees...

Boeing Claims Victory

May, 16, 2018|

WTO Rules in Airbus-Boeing Dispute

A World Trade Organization ruling handing the U.S. a victory over the European Union in their multibillion-dollar jetliner fight may test Europe’s efforts to defend global trade rules from Trump administration criticism...

Xerox-Fujifilm Deal Dead

May, 14, 2018|

Xerox Drops Merger

Xerox Corp. said it will back out of its merger deal with Fujifilm Holdings Corp. as it reached a new settlement with two of its biggest shareholders, the latest twist in a monthlong tug of war over the future of the iconic American company...

Goldman Apple Pay

May, 11, 2018|

Goldman Sachs and Apple to Team Up

Apple and Goldman Sachs have been working for months on a new credit card product that would bear the Apple Pay brand...

May, 10, 2018|

Danielle DiMartino Booth

Welcome back to 2017, where bad is back where it belongs, that is being oh so good. Inflation? Who cares? Rising interest rates? No harm, no foul. WTI north of $70? Fill ‘er up. Pricey tech stocks. Hit the bid, baby...

More Problems for Ford

May, 10, 2018|

Ford Suspends F-150 Production

Ford Motor said it would suspend production Wednesday evening of its profit-driving F-150 pickup at it big plant in Dearborn, Mich., bringing to a temporary halt all production of the nation's bestselling vehicle...