AT&T Takes on the DOJ

March, 23, 2018|

DOJ vs. AT&T

The Justice Department and AT&T Inc. traded legal jabs Thursday as a federal judge opened proceedings on whether the telecom giant’s planned purchase of Time Warner Inc. violates antitrust laws...

March, 22, 2018|

Danielle DiMartino Booth

Call it the risk parity unwind. Pin it on Bitcoin’s downfall. Blame Facebook and trade tensions. But for my money, it’s all about Quantitative Tightening. Or as Nomura’s George Goncalves rightly identifies, what’s really got the markets on edge, is the triple tightening of rising LIBOR, rate hikes and QT...

Zuckerberg Says Nothing

March, 22, 2018|

Zuckerberg Speaks Out

Facebook Inc. Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg broke his silence five days into a growing uproar about how outsiders handle Facebook’s user data, admitting mistakes and pledging an investigation but failing to calm some who thought he should have gone further in his remarks...

Another Data Breach

March, 21, 2018|

Orbitz Data Breach

Travel website Orbitz announced Tuesday it has detected a security breach that may have affected consumers’ personal information shared between Jan. 1, 2016, and Dec. 22, 2017. About 880,000 payment cards could be affected. The company said an incident likely took place between Oct. 1, 2017, and Dec. 22, 2017, on a legacy Orbitz booking platform...

Facebook Selling Your Data

March, 20, 2018|

Data Dive

Facebook Inc. confronted an intensifying crisis as political leaders in the U.S. and Europe called for aggressive inquiries into whether the technology giant failed to stop improper access and handling of user data, scrutiny that sent the company’s stock to its biggest decline in four years...


March, 19, 2018|

"Boss, the plane, the plane," as Tattoo used to yell out the Mr. Rourke. This is what the market we have now feels like: Fantasy Island. We have a stock market that knows no bounds and continues to try and push to new highs...

Problems at Nike

March, 16, 2018|

What’s Next for Nike?

Nike Inc. said it had received complaints about inappropriate workplace behavior and that its No. 2 executive has resigned, setting off a management shuffle at the sportswear giant...

11 Interesting Facts About Bitcoin You Must Know

March, 15, 2018|

During the last couple of years, both the popularity and value of bitcoin has increased tremendously. At this time, it is wise to believe that Bitcoin is here to stay and that in the future, its role will continue to grow towards its ultimate goal of replacing our outdated financial system...