March, 15, 2018|

Danielle DiMartino Booth

Does anyone feel the need to take a vacation? 2018 will go down in history as one of the most volatile in stock market history and we’re not even through the first quarter. Dramamine could easily replace the No Doze traders needed to keep their eyes open last year. Is this a case of being wary of what you wish for?

Fraud at Theranos

March, 15, 2018|

Theranos Founder Charged with Fraud

Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes was charged with "massive fraud" by the Securities and Exchange Commission on Wednesday, a downbeat coda to a once high-flying Silicon Valley start-up that promised to revolutionize the blood analysis process...

Tillerson Out, Pompeo In

March, 14, 2018|

Tillerson Out as Secretary of State

President Trump on Tuesday ousted his secretary of state, Rex W. Tillerson, extending a shake-up of his administration, 14 months into his tumultuous presidency, and potentially transforming the nation’s economic and foreign policy. Mr. Trump announced he would replace Mr. Tillerson with Mike Pompeo, the C.I.A. director and former Tea Party congressman...

Tariffs Are Coming

March, 8, 2018|

Trump Plans to Announce Tariffs

President Donald Trump is expected to sign a decree on Thursday afternoon laying out his plan to impose new tariffs on steel and aluminum, after people on both sides of the issue made final pleas to either scuttle the measure or ensure he doesn’t back off...

March, 7, 2018|

Danielle DiMartino Booth

Riding the daily ups and downs in the stock market is akin to landing in full-blown thundersnow at La Guardia (where do the meteorologists come up with these colorful terms?) It’s as if we weren’t reading about the record calm that had lulled markets into a gravity-defying comatose state just months ago. In the space of one calendar quarter, we now find ourselves reading headlines declaring 2018 to be one of the most volatile on record...

U.S. Treasury Slowing Down the Com Deal

March, 7, 2018|

Trouble for the Com Duo

Broadcom's attempt to buy Qualcomm is in jeopardy after the U.S. Treasury's Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States outlined concerns it had about the transaction in a March 5 letter addressed to Broadcom and Qualcomm lawyers...

Drama on the Hill

March, 6, 2018|

GOP Drama

Republican lawmakers are pushing back hard against President Donald Trump’s quest to impose sweeping tariffs on steel and aluminum imports — and some are reportedly even considering using legislation to block him from doing so. Ever since Trump announced on Thursday that he plans to impose 25 percent tariffs on steel imports and 10 percent tariffs on aluminum imports, he’s caused a panic...

New Tariffs Shock Markets

March, 2, 2018|

Trump Tariffs

President Trump said on Thursday that he would impose stiff tariffs on imports of steel and aluminum, making good on a key campaign promise and rattling stock markets as the prospect of a global trade fight appeared imminent...