Saipan Casino Loses Edge

April, 3, 2017|

Saipan Casino in Trouble

Saipan casino operator Imperial Pacific International Holdings (IPI) had its offices raided by the Federal Bureau of Investigation last Thursday. The Marianas Variety reported that an FBI evidence response team executed an early morning search warrant on the Garapan office of IPI's construction department...

AT&T and First Responders

March, 31, 2017|

AT&T Helping First Responders

AT&T is doing its best to improve public safety. The United States on Thursday awarded a contract AT&T to build a nationwide wireless broadband network to better equip first responders, years after a federal commission recommended setting up such a system following the 9/11 attacks...

Economy Great, Utility Bankrupt

March, 30, 2017|

Westinghouse Files for Bankruptcy

Westinghouse Electric Co. filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection Wednesday, setting off a showdown between the nuclear power company's Japanese parent and a major U.S. utility, and threatening to drive a wedge between governments of two countries over the fate of industries each considers vital...

Retailing in America: Game Theory in Reverse

March, 29, 2017|

Danielle DiMartino Booth

History has a mean habit of mocking us. Have any of you noticed the surprised looks on investors’ faces as commercial real estate prices begin to decline, as the air begins to seep out of the bubble? It’s as if the commercial real estate smackdown of the late 1980s was the result of divine provenance, not the very real consequence of a prolonged slump in the energy sector...

Tencent Burning Cash on Tesla

March, 29, 2017|

Chinese Tech Giant Buys 5% of Tesla

Tesla Inc. got a huge backing from Chinese Internet giant Tencent Holdings Ltd., whose purchase of a 5% stake boosts Elon Musk's ambitions to get his mass-market Model 3 electric sedan to buyers this year. Tencent paid about $1.8 billion for 8.17 million shares through Tesla's recent offering and via open-market purchases...

No Driver Required

March, 28, 2017|

Uber Resumes Self-Driving Vehicle Program

Uber Technologies Inc. is putting its autonomous vehicles back on city streets after an accident involving one of them in Tempe, Arizona, on Friday prompted the company to halt its test program. Uber said yesterday its self-driving cars are returning to the road for passengers to hail in Tempe and Pittsburgh, two of the three U.S. locales where it has said it is testing the vehicles...

The Big Puke is Near

March, 27, 2017|

Stock markets have raced to record highs in the wake of Trump’s surprise victory, contrary to the predictions of many pundits at the time. Of course, pundits are one of the main reasons the innocent get trapped in these markets. The drooling and cheerleading of the pundits is bringing phony confidence to the unsuspecting retail investor...

Google’s New Police Department

March, 24, 2017|

Google Police

Google's commitment to better police the millions of websites and videos across its advertising networks is complicated by the very scale and diversity that has made the network so attractive to marketers...