Amazon Taking Over the World

June, 7, 2017|

Amazon Offers BIG Prime Discount

Amazon is lowering its membership fee for low-income shoppers, in an attempt to go after the stronghold Walmart currently has on the market. Amazon said Tuesday that it will offer a nearly 20% segment of the U.S. population - those who obtain government assistance...

Someone is Always Watching

June, 6, 2017|

FBI Arrests Federal Contractor

A government contractor in Georgia was arrested this weekend after a classified National Security Agency report was leaked on an alleged cyberattack attempt by Russian military intelligence officers on a voting software company and local election officials...

Put a Muzzle on Hillary Clinton

June, 5, 2017|

We are all taught growing up to take responsibility for our own actions and not to blame our problems on someone else. As traders, we are taught the same thing, make a bad trade it’s on you. Obviously, Hillary Clinton missed that part of learning and education. For as long as I can remember, Hillary Clinton has blamed everyone but herself...

America’s Opioid Problem

June, 1, 2017|

Opioid Crisis Worsens, Are Drug Makers to Blame?

The state of Ohio on Wednesday sued five major drug manufacturers, accusing them of misrepresenting the risks of prescription opioid painkillers that have fueled a sky-rocketing drug addiction epidemic. The suit, filed by Attorney General Mike DeWine, comes as a growing number of state and local governments are suing drug makers and distributors...

May, 31, 2017|

Danielle DiMartino Booth

Are we permanently insulated as a society? Shortly after the worst of the initial Greek drama had played out, over a lunch with Richard Fisher, I asked him what he feared most for our economy, for our country. His answer startled me – that he sensed our own economic inequality had the power to open up similar divisions on America’s streets...

Shake Up at White House

May, 31, 2017|

White House Communications Director Quits

The White House head of communications has resigned after just three months, as Donald Trump considers a wider staff shake-up to help tackle the Russia scandal that is increasingly engulfing his administration and threatening his agenda...

FED Slated to Test Water for Rate Hike

May, 30, 2017|

This week should be one crazy week, there is a ton of economic data tied in with 4 or 5 FED speeches. Of course, once again the FED will be testing the waters with speeches almost every day, their way of trying to get a feel for whether the markets will have another taper tantrum if they decide to hike rates again. The gutless wonders are not only clueless, but have no grip on reality...

The FED Cheats America

May, 29, 2017|

The FED has become much too visible and has been the focal point surrounding the 9-year bull market in which the FED accomplished none of their objectives (unless you are a conspiracy theorist and believe the FED’s design was to end the middle class.) Destruction of the middle class has been the main accomplishment of the Federal Reserve the last 9 years...