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Markets Surviving on Artificial Manipulation

Traders Must Have an Exit Strategy

Tuesday on The Bubba Show, Bubba discusses the failures of the system and the players involved in the destruction. The markets, although near record highs, are struggling and basically only surviving on artificial market manipulation, which will ultimately create a bigger mess...

Commodities Under Heavy Pressure

Markets Going Nowhere Without Volatility

The weekend is over, but the markets do not care, as they continue to churn in a range with no volatility and no interest. The markets are in the torture cycle, making trading tough for everyone. The healthcare bill is still lost in congress, along with growth and tax cuts...

The Fleecing of America

The American way has become flawed, the political system broken down, and run by politicians that could care less about the American people. The new story has been how much they are doing for the American people, amazingly they are all expressing worry about us, the poor middle class. And that could only mean one thing, they are going to stick it to us...

Economic Recovery is a Crock CAPE Index Shows Market Beatdown BBL #324

Todd "Bubba" Horwitz hosts episode 324 of Bubba's Bottom Line. In this episode Bubba breaks down the reality behind the rosy economic talking points extolled by the fake news propagandists, as consumer credit card debt, auto loan debt, and a new housing bubble on the horizon.

Free Market in China?

Not Likely...

Let's start with the good news. MSCI, a leading global index provider, will now include 222 Chinese stocks, called "A shares," in its popular emerging-markets stock index, which financial companies have an estimated $1.6 trillion riding on. American investors will now have a new way to gain exposure to these limited numbers of home-grown stocks in mainland China...

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Will USDA Reports Change the Outlook on Ag Markets?

The Importance of Hedging Crops & Storing Grains

Today on The Bubba Show, the Goddess is back to talk grains and livestock. Angie Setzer, Vice President of Grains at Citizens Elevator spends the day with Bubba to discuss agricultural markets. Angie talks about the upcoming USDA reports and the effect they may have on the markets...

Markets Set Up for Major Move

Commodities Crashing

Today on The Bubba Show, Bubba talks markets and calls the top, telling listeners that the top is here, but that doesn’t mean you can sell without purpose. Commodities are getting clobbered, while markets push higher with the bonds, something is wrong with this picture. The lack of free markets and price discovery is destroying the system, but that is what you get with manipulation...

Oil Plummets OPEC Screwed

Oil Slump

Crude plunged into a bear market on Tuesday, sinking another 2.2% to settle at a nine-month low of $43.23 a barrel. The sell-off leaves oil down 22% from early January, eclipsing the 20% needed to qualify for a bear market. The big fear gripping the energy markets is that the world continues to have too much oil...

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Markets Move Higher in Consolidation

Watching the VIX

Markets move higher with Dow as the safety play, and Nasdaq as a dead cat bounce. Bubba has called the top in the markets, but warns that this doesn’t mean they are going straight down. The call is based on years of watching markets, but the key is still the VIX and until that starts to hold and rally, the consolidation near the top will continue...