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Daily Fantasy Sports Takes a Hit

DraftKings Merger in Trouble

The DraftKings/FanDuel merger is in trouble, which should be no real surprise, after all they were shut down in a few states before being allowed to operate again. Once again, the government wants to get involved under the rules of a monopoly, they are questioning the fairness of the lack of competition. Read: We are from the government and we are here to help...

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Manipulation of Markets Proves Damaging

Highs Made for Nasdaq 100 & Russell?

Technical Analyst Matt Demeter Joins Bubba

What a weekend, the U.S. Open and Father’s Day, now Bubba is back to talk about many of the flaws in the markets. Bubba discusses how severely broken the system has become and why it is we allow this to continue, because that is the way we have always done it. Bubba brings up the manipulation of markets and how damaging it has proven to be...

Manipulation Killing Free Markets

While the FED is out there begging for inflation so they can tax me more on what I already own, what has happened to free markets and true price discovery? Normalization has become the new buzz word, but a better question would be, what is normal?

Grain Market Expectations

Recent Selling a Buying Opportunity?

Today on The Bubba Show, Angie Setzer, the Goddess of Grain returns. Angie is from Citizens Elevator and joins Bubba for some agricultural market talk. Bubba and Angie discuss the current state of the grain markets and what their expectations are...

Nestle Trying to Abandon Crunch

Nestle Changing Direction?

Nestle said on Thursday that it was considering a sale of its American candy business, the home of treats that include Gobstoppers, Nerds and Butterfinger and Crunch bars as demand for sweets has fallen in the U.S. By declaring that it will "explore strategic options" for its candy business, the Swiss consumer company may help to further consolidate the industry to a few leading players...

Getting the Edge on Fantasy Sports

Much Like Trading, Preparation and Understanding Value are Key

The FED reported on Wednesday and Bubba relays his disgust over another one of the FED’s decisions. Bubba feels that the FED is clueless and can only understand theory, which has never worked in the real world. The legalized Ponzi scheme lives on and Bubba has had enough. Also joining the show today is Fantasy Sports expert Michael Rathburn...

The Art of Opening Your Mouth and Saying Nothing

Fed Raises Rates

The FED did as everyone expected on Wednesday and hiked rates followed by the same old double talk that they have mastered for 104 years. The bubble builders spoke about their solutions which are about as absurd as the FED itself...

Markets Push Higher Without Fear

VIX Makes All-Time New Low

Markets have lost their minds, along with the Federal Reserve, while continuing to push higher. Bubba asserts there is no basis for this ridiculous rally, but explains that trying to fight the market is also a fool’s game...

Durant Trumps Lebron

Warriors are Champs Again

After the Golden State Warriors failed to finish off the Cleveland Cavaliers in last year's NBA finals, they knew they needed to get better if they wanted to be back on top of the league. For the entire year, they were known as the team that "blew a 3-1 lead". They have now relinquished that title and become NBA Champions for the second time in three years...

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