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Bitcoin Reaching for $10,000?

Markets and Money

Markets continue to make new highs, as the 2-week correction comes to a halt. Bubba talks about the big con game going on within the House and Senate. Markets do not care about anything but the money...


Americans are once again becoming victims of the big con, unfortunately its coming from all sides, including Congress, the Senate and the fear mongers. They are all in on the Big Con and will swindle middle class Americans out of their hard-earned money any way possible...

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Black Friday Exposes Disparity Between Old and New Retail Models

Bitcoin Earns Credibility

Black Friday 2017 has arrived, everyone is stuffed with food and shopping deals, and Bubba wants to know if it’s worth it. The stores are opening earlier and earlier which creates more cost, putting a greater disparity between brick and mortar retailers and online shopping...

Trying to Time the Stock Market Will Cost You

Markets Quiet

The markets are quiet and dragging, as Bubba has been speaking about the past few day, which is to be expected during Thanksgiving week. The plunge protection team was at work again Sunday night and Monday morning when the global markets were under pressure and managed to end up higher...

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Oil and Gold are Moving

Bullish or Bearish?

It’s Monday November 20th, and Bubba is still steaming about the lousy tax plan that was passed the House last week. It feels as though President Trump has settled for a hollow victory, not getting the plan he wanted or that he promised the American people. Bubba talks about what to expect in markets during the Thanksgiving holiday and is joined by Jane King and Matt Demeter...