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New Sheriff in Town

U.S. Braces for Next Provocation from North Korea

North Korea appears prepared to stage its sixth nuclear weapons test as soon as this weekend, current and former U.S. officials said, placing immediate pressure on President Donald Trump and his efforts to improve bilateral relations with China. We've seen that Trump is not afraid to stir the pot when it comes to foreign countries starting trouble...

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Understanding Options Trading

Education is Key

Today on The Bubba Show, Bubba brings in author Chris Verhaegh, who has written a few books on options and runs the service PULSE Options. Bubba and Chris discuss the evolution of options and the changes that have occurred in markets over the years...

High Stock Valuations Not Supported by the Numbers

TSLA, AMZN & BABA Climb Higher

Tuesday on The Bubba Show, Bubba continues to discuss why he feels the market tops are in. The action in the markets is an indication that they are looking for a reason to go lower and is tied in with the rise of volatility. There is no telling what will be the driving force behind the next sell off...

Amazon’s Third-Party Sellers Hacked

Hackers are targeting the growing population of third-party sellers on Inc., using stolen credentials to post fake deals and steal cash. Cyber warfare continues to be an issue for all different spectra from business to politics and unfortunately, it's not going away any time soon...

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Bear Market Rallies are Meant to be Sold

Trading Action Indicates the Market has reached the Top

The weekend is over and now we move into a holiday shortened week, following a wild trading week that finished unchanged after moving 200 points every day. Bubba talks about the market tops being in as indicated by the trading action. The jobs number was brutal and the Syrian bombing could wind up creating some action this week...

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Above the Law

On Tuesday April 4th, Richmond, Federal Reserve Bank President Jeffrey Lacker resigned, acknowledging he gave out inside information on an upcoming FED meeting in October of 2012. The leak was to Medley Global Advisors, a major player in providing information to Hedge Funds and Asset Managers. Dr. Lacker has been informed that there would be no charges for violating the trust and faith of Americans everywhere...

Bubba’s Bottom Line #315 – FED Bank President Shenanigans: Time to End the FED?

Todd "Bubba" Horwitz hosts episode 315 of Bubba's Bottom Line and delves into the resignation of FEDERAL RESERVE's Bank of Richmond President Jeffrey Lacker following revelations that he disclosed confidential FED policy information to his crony capitalist friends on Wall Street. In addition Bubba updates viewers on the current state of volatility in the market based on the context of current events including the President Trump's unilateral strike in Syria and a weak job's number.s cycle.

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Richmond Fed President Jeff Lacker gets his Hand Caught in the Cookie Jar

No Charges yet for FED President Jeff Lacker?

Markets reverse, FED Minutes come out and Jeffrey Lacker gets caught with his hands in the cookie jar. Bubba is on top of it all first talking about the market reversal on Wednesday and why that shows more proof that the top is in and volatility should start to rise...

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Debt Structure Will Lead to Disaster

Student Loan & Sub-Prime Auto Debt Continue to Balloon

Today on The Bubba Show, Bubba talks about the importance of education and understanding markets, while making the call for the top of this market. Bubba shares his Monday Night Strategy Call with listeners where he breaks down all of the markets and what to expect...