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Markets Push Higher Without Fear

VIX Makes All-Time New Low

Markets have lost their minds, along with the Federal Reserve, while continuing to push higher. Bubba asserts there is no basis for this ridiculous rally, but explains that trying to fight the market is also a fool’s game...

Durant Trumps Lebron

Warriors are Champs Again

After the Golden State Warriors failed to finish off the Cleveland Cavaliers in last year's NBA finals, they knew they needed to get better if they wanted to be back on top of the league. For the entire year, they were known as the team that "blew a 3-1 lead". They have now relinquished that title and become NBA Champions for the second time in three years...

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Trouble in Uber-Land

Trouble Brewing at Uber

Uber Technologies Inc. said a top member of its chief executive has left the firm. Uber's chief business officer, Emil Michael, told employees Monday that he had left the company. According to people familiar with the matter, his departure was related to a report on Uber's workplace culture by former US Attorney General Eric Holder that was presented to the board...

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Market Bulls Still in Charge?

Friday’s Down Move Made Way for More Buying

Today on The Bubba Show, Bubba welcomes back an old friend from the floor of the CBOE, Shah Gilani who runs the newsletter Capital Wave Forecast and appears regularly on Varney and Co. Bubba and Shah talk about Friday’s big down move and if that concerns Shah. Shah explains that it’s probably just another buying opportunity...

Markets Over-Extended: Time to Sell?

What “Big Money” is Telling Us

It’s a new week in markets with the ECB and Comey testimony behind us, but we still have the FED and another one of their fruitless meetings. Bubba talks about the broken-down government, the FED, and the ways in which the two have fleeced the middle class...

Calling Bulls**t on the FED, Comey, and ECB

This week we have the con artists known as the FED who will announce their decision on interest rates on Wednesday. They are going to hike, which is no surprise, while continuing to run the world’s largest legalized Ponzi scheme. The FED is the great American tragedy allowing people to run economic policy who only know how to borrow their way out of debt and tax the middle class...

Comey Hearing Meaningless: The Swamp is Full of Trash

Market’s next big move is down?

Today on The Bubba Show, Bubba discusses the problems with government and why the market’s next big move is down. Bubba talks about the James Comey hearing and why it is meaningless in the big scheme, explaining that the real problem is with the government not the former FBI director. There is too much garbage in the swamp...

Another Failure of Obamacare

Anthem's Exit

Anthem Inc.'s decision to quit Ohio's Obamacare market will leave 13,000 people without any coverage option under the program next year. That number may rise to 300,000 if the health insurer follows suit in the rest of the states where it sells. Anthem, which currently oversee Affordable Care Act plans for about 1.1 million people in 14 states, is one of the largest of the multi-state insurers that hasn't pulled back sharply from selling individual plans in the ACA...

Market Conditions Bewilder

Bonds, Gold, and Bitcoin Up

Today on The Bubba Show, Bubba agonizes over the market conditions and explains what is happening, as well as what to expect. There are overwhelming factors holding the markets up, but Bubba explains why this market will fall like any other. The makeup of the market is all backwards...