Once upon a time there was a magical place where any person could have the opportunity to find great success. There was a place where the little guy was able to find success, as long as one worked hard and followed through on an idea. This place did not guarantee success, but it afforded everyone the chance to find it.

There was a time before Disneyland and the Magic Kingdom that this place had more magic than an amusement park. This was a place that almost all people were treated equal (every day it gets better, but there is still work to do on equality issues) and anyone, man, woman and child no matter their background could find success and happiness.

There was a place that afforded the opportunity for all to create their own magic. This place had free markets and true price discovery without interference from the ogres at the central banks or the politicians in their big buildings. This was a place that not only did one have freedom of mind, but the freedom to succeed.

There was a place that allowed people of all kinds to use their brains, wit, and hard work to climb the mountain of success and become a Steve Jobs from Apple or a Bill Gates from Microsoft. This was once a real place where dreams were made true. People would flock to this place from all around the globe, penniless, homeless, only for the chance offered by this magical place.

That place was the United States of America, the place our founding fathers fought for. Today our founders would not recognize the hell that we have turned into. Our founders are rolling over in their graves at the sight of a government whose size is far beyond the scope ever intended, the power of the FED, and our crooked politicians. The founding fathers would be preparing for another revolution for the very same reasons today that they fought for in 1776.

The United States has turned into a place of nightmares, where only the few now seem to have opportunity.  The U.S. has turned into a monstrous political machine of manipulation that steals from its middle class. The economy is a rigged game that only affords success to the rich, while letting the middle class pay for it. The rich benefit in good times and in bad times,  forcing the middle class to pay for their mistakes. The banks do not lend, the government overspends, and nobody wants to change because they are too crooked and too greedy to allow the middle class to participate.

I love this country and I believe it can be fixed and brought back to that magical place I remember. I believed that President Trump could make the difference because he is for everyone, but it’s obvious that as powerful as the president is he cannot overcome the crooks on the hill. I believe with help Trump could return us to the land of the free instead of the home of the greedy crooked place we have become.

We must end or restructure the FED, drain the swamp using term limits and take Washington back to the place where it was an honor and a duty to serve instead of the phony piece of garbage it has become through years of destruction of the middle class.


Keep those stops tight

Todd “Bubba” Horwitz