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Economic Recovery is a Crock CAPE Index Shows Market Beatdown BBL #324

Todd "Bubba" Horwitz hosts episode 324 of Bubba's Bottom Line. In this episode Bubba breaks down the reality behind the rosy economic talking points extolled by the fake news propagandists, as consumer credit card debt, auto loan debt, and a new housing bubble on the horizon.

Will Infighting within Trump Admin. Delay Tax Cuts & Regulatory Reform? – Bubba’s Bottom Line #320

Last week markets saw a selloff when the potential of a Trump Impeachment seemed more likely, but rallied up on Thursday & Friday when video of fired FBI director Jim Comey, testifying exposed the New York Times story as merely more FAKE NEWS.

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Bubba’s Bottom Line #318 Promises, Promises, Promises

Todd "Bubba" Horwitz hosts episode 318 of Bubba's Bottom Line to discuss the latest job numbers, which while better than expected however still not a sign of true and real growth. In addition Bubba speaks to the latest happening in the FED and Social Security Ponzi Schemes and the French Elections.

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Bubba’s Bottom Line #317 Markets Searching for Reason to Go Down

Todd "Bubba" Horwitz hosts episode 317 of Bubba's Bottom Line to discuss the most recent sell off on Friday past, which illustrated the soft nature of the market in advance of the French Presidential Election. In addition, with President Trump and Secretary of Treasury Steve Mnuchin, the market nearly reversed all losses yet could not find momentum to continue higher. Bubba investigates what is the true driver of this current market: is there one or are we now looking at the outer sphere of yet another bubble?

Bubba’s Bottom Line #316 – New Economic Recession on the Horizon

Todd "Bubba" Horwitz hosts episode 316 of Bubba's Bottom Line, a weekly analysis of money & the markets. Todd discusses consumer confidence and why he feels consumers are feeling over-confident as the markets keep illustrating a level of complacency. Thus Bubba points to the re-inflated housing bubble.

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Bubba’s Bottom Line #315 – FED Bank President Shenanigans: Time to End the FED?

Todd "Bubba" Horwitz hosts episode 315 of Bubba's Bottom Line and delves into the resignation of FEDERAL RESERVE's Bank of Richmond President Jeffrey Lacker following revelations that he disclosed confidential FED policy information to his crony capitalist friends on Wall Street. In addition Bubba updates viewers on the current state of volatility in the market based on the context of current events including the President Trump's unilateral strike in Syria and a weak job's number.s cycle.

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