Benefits of Owning & Controlling the Underlying Stock

When Trading & Investing, Knowledge is Power

With the lack of any real market activity, Bubba talks about how to use stock to exit an options position. Bubba explains the benefits of owning and controlling the underlying stock and why it brings a tremendous advantage to the owners...

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Bitcoin Futures Trading Begins

Are Cryptocurrencies Over-Valued?

Bitcoin Futures began trading on Sunday night and the clearing houses are making the trading almost impossible with their ridiculous rules. 50% margins and long only is a sad story for traders. Of course, this is just more manipulation by the big money trying to control markets...

Bitcoin Bubble Expands

Pattern Suggests a Sell Off Is Near

Bitcoin is exploding and now trading over 15,000 as the bubble expands. Bubba explains that this is a blow off pattern that will sell off at some point. It doesn’t matter if it’s going to last or not, it doesn’t matter if it’s a scam, the pattern suggests a sell off is near even if it’s only temporary...

Stock Market Celebrates Tax Plan

Major Indices See Key Reversal

The markets celebrated the Tax Plan with a huge rally, followed by a key reversal in all the major indices, opening on their highs and closing on their lows. On Tuesday, the rally is back on and Bubba discusses the different investment vehicles to trade depending on your goals...

Nasdaq Strong and Going Higher

Markets Continue Soaring

It’s Monday and the markets are soaring on the hopes of a tax plan after the senate has passed their side of the bill. Friday saw some crazy action and Bubba talks about the missed opportunities of buying the blow off...

Markets Have Biggest Up Day of 2017

Is This a Possible Blow Off Top?

Friday is here after an interesting week in markets. On Thursday, markets went bonkers, having the biggest up day of the year on one of the biggest volume days in the last 3 months. Bubba calls this a possible blow off top, the only concern is the seasonality...

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Volume and Volatility Returns to the Markets

Markets Rally Back Again

Wednesday was another crazy day in the markets as volume and volatility returned for the day. The Dow made new highs and the Nasdaq got clobbered. The trading was wild, gold, oil, and bonds got hammered and the Transports went up over 3% putting them at a new all-time high...

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North Korea Launches Missile, Markets Move Higher

Gold Barely Budges

North Korea launches a missile and the markets explode to new highs. At 1:00 EST on Tuesday, North Korea launched another missile, the markets briefly sold off before exploding to the upside and making new highs once again. Today, Kerry Lutz from the Financial Survival Network interviews Bubba...