Since Gold Peaked Three Years Ago, it has Lost Nearly Fifty Percent

Today on The Bubba Show, Bubba comments on the dull trading environment. He notes that we are about to go into the seventh year of a bull market but we have yet to see any real growth. The equities are growing because of the cheap money, and stock buy backs but the average citizen has not benefited from this past seven years. Average wages are only slightly higher than when Bill Clinton was president twenty years ago.

Bubba comments on the belief that Gold is not a commodity but is a hedge against bad times. He points out that after Gold’s peak three years ago, it has lost nearly fifty percent of its value. There is no guarantee if we have trouble in the equity markets that Gold will protect your investments. Bubba believes that hedging your portfolio is the key to peace of mind. He notes that when you hedge your portfolio, you can get return.

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