DOW Reaches Top?

February, 21, 2017|

Dollar to Work Lower

It’s President’s Day and Bubba is on the warpath about the economy and the false system in which we live under. The rigged financial system has Bubba talking about the ridiculous policies and way the middle class is abused under the current laws...

Stop Trying to Fight the Markets

February, 17, 2017|

Hedge and Protect

The Goddess of Grains is back on the Bubba Show, Angie Setzer comes on and talks markets with Bubba. Angie explains her view of the markets today, and tells Bubba that she sees higher prices in grains, but...

Mainstream Media Fans the Bull Market Flames

February, 16, 2017|

Markets Will Never Go Down?

Today on The Bubba Show, Bubba talks about the irresponsibility of the mainstream media, as the talking heads continue to cheerlead the markets with no concern for the average investor. They continue to tell everyone that the markets will never go down again while bringing guests to support that claim...

Reducing Regulations is Key to Prosperity

February, 15, 2017|

Markets Priced for Perfection

On today’s show, Jeff Sica, founder of Circle Squared Alts is back to join Bubba as the boys discuss the economy, growth and many other things. Bubba asks Jeff about his stance on the Trump administration thus far...

Taking Care of #1

February, 14, 2017|

Making Better What You Already Have

Today on The Bubba Show, Bubba welcomes David Loshelder, the author of Take Care of #1 So You Don’t Step in #2...

The Impending Market Sell Off

February, 13, 2017|

Is This Time Different?

Markets are at new highs and a new week is upon us. The markets will never go down again, until they do. Bubba lays out a few facts, TV pundits are cheerleading the markets like crazy, meanwhile advisers are getting their clients in fast so that they can get commissions, and the cries of “this time is different” are all over the place...

Bitcoin ATM’s Make Buying and Selling Simple

February, 10, 2017|

A Digital Coin for a Digital World

Today Bubba welcomes in Daniel Polotsky, co-founder and CEO of Coinflip LLC, Daniel is part of the Bitcoin world, bringing Bitcoin and ATM’s together...

NASDAQ Steadily Higher, While Russell Weakens

February, 9, 2017|

Is the Promise of Growth Overstated?

Markets remain as stagnant as can be. Bubba discusses market conditions and then shares his Monday night strategy call with listeners. Bubba explains that current market action is not very conducive to active trading and is more of a trap as are all consolidation markets. The DOW and S&P are flat and in congestion, the NASDAQ is a monster, trending higher and making new high after new high, while the Russell is the weakest and is the choice to short the market...

Markets in Painful Consolidation Range

February, 8, 2017|

Becoming Active in Markets Requires a Plan

Today on The Bubba Show, Bubba points out that the rhetoric and ridiculous actions of our politicians proves the system imbecilic. Bubba talks about a world gone mad and wonders if there will ever be a time when everyone can put all this stupidity behind them. Markets continue to stay in a painfully tight consolidation range and Bubba explains how the markets work...