Markets Give Appearance There is No Cause to Worry

August, 14, 2017|

Volatility Crushed

The weekend is over, Bubba is back and so are the markets! Volatility is getting crushed after last week’s expansion, once again the world is safe and there is no cause to worry because the high tide of prosperity is back. Bubba is joined by Jane King and Matt Demeter...

Will the Market Sell Off Continue?

August, 11, 2017|

Sell Rallies into Resistance

North Korea remains the story and takes the blame for Thursday’s market selloff. Bubba wades through the BS, explaining that the markets have been looking for a reason to selloff...

CBOE Plans to Launch Bitcoin Futures

August, 10, 2017|

A Win for Cryptocurrency

Today on The Bubba Show, Bubba talks about the CBOE’s launch of bitcoin derivatives trading products, as the credibility and safety of being backed by an exchange is huge for Bitcoin...

Alan Greenspan Forecasts a Bond Bubble

August, 9, 2017|

Complacent Markets Barely Budge on North Korea Threat

What’s next for the markets? Bubba attempts to answer the question that everyone wants to know. On Tuesday, there was a little trouble out North Korea, and while markets sold off a bit, they didn’t go as far as what you might of thought...

Stock Market About Out of Gas?

August, 8, 2017|

Investors Ignoring Overdone Markets

Today on The Bubba Show, Bubba welcomes back Joe Meyer of to discuss his views, along with the latest on the markets...

Traders Need Action, Big Market Correction Coming?

August, 7, 2017|

Dollar Remains Weak

The weekend is over and it’s back to work, but someone forgot to tell the markets as they continue to trade as though they are closed. The lack of volatility and volume are typical this time of year, but it tends to destroy the patience and discipline of traders...

Trading with The Trend

August, 3, 2017|

Bubba welcomes Michael Melissinos

Michael is from the same school as Bubba, meaning that they will trade any market as long as it’s liquid and a valid trend can be found. Trading with the trend is a long process that creates results, but takes patience and discipline to find and then manage...