Buy the Rumor, Sell the News

October, 19, 2017|

The Street is Betting on Tax Cuts

Dow hits 23,000K on Wednesday and Thursday sells off. Bubba reminds listeners that this could just be temporary or it could be the start of something bigger...

Death of The Petrodollar

October, 18, 2017|

Bubba Covers the Aramco International IPO

Surprise! Markets make new highs again! The market may never go down again, at least that’s what many investors believe, as buyers step in with reckless abandon, buying everything...

Markets Headed for New Highs?

October, 16, 2017|

Bitcoin Makes Another Run Up

After a weekend of big upsets in college football and the Cubs losing two games to the Dodgers, Bubba is back and ready for another week in markets...

Grains Market Outlook

October, 13, 2017|

Wheat Still Has Biggest Upside

On Thursday, the USDA reported on grain production and Bubba brings in Angie Setzer, the Vice President of Grains at Citizens Elevator to discuss what the report means...

Are Precious Metals Sending a Message?

October, 12, 2017|

Is the Bull Market Ending?

The FOMC minutes are out and low and behold they suggest that the FED is as clueless as always. The equities are making record highs, but the metals are speaking volumes, indicating the stock bull market may be ending...

Markets Push Higher on Air

October, 11, 2017|

Has the Dollar Hit Bottom?

Wednesday’s Bubba show focuses on much of the current news reports that may influence the economy in the future. Bubba breaks down the markets, talking about the slow trade, and lack of volume and volatility...

First Cloud-Based Electronic Currency

October, 10, 2017|

Are Digital Currencies a Safe Play?

Today on The Bubba Show, Bubba welcomes Sean Worthington from CloudCoin.Global Sean is the inventor and patent holder of the new cloud based cryptocurrency. Bubba asks Sean to explain the new currency and why it’s better than the others that are out there. Sean explains how the value is established...

Markets Rally 7 Days in a Row

October, 6, 2017|

Complacency is King

New high after new high on declining volume and volatility, complacency is king. Markets rally 7 days in a row gaining 2%. The picture is not pretty if the best the bulls can do is a 2% rally. Bubba says the markets are looking for a reason to sell off and no one knows what that is yet...