Complacency Will Lead to Downfall of Current Markets

October, 5, 2017|

Debt Crises Continues

Today on The Bubba Show, Bubba talks about market direction and explains why the overall complacency will eventually lead to the downfall of the current markets. Investors have decided that the markets are never going down again as they continue to buy equities on margin...

Quiet Markets Drift Higher

October, 4, 2017|

Commodities Struggle

Bubba is back in the saddle! Today, on the show, Bubba talks about his experience in Las Vegas, as well as the markets and their continuation of making new high after new high with no volume or volatility. The markets are searching for a reason to sell off and at this point no one knows what it will be or when it will be...

Commodities Still Under Pressure

October, 3, 2017|

Equity Indexes Running Out of Steam

Today on The Bubba Show, Bubba talks about the massacre in Vegas and how he was right there within 1000 feet of the tragedy. Bubba talks about this senseless act and wonders why? The markets continue to work their way higher and could care less about anything else that’s going on in the world...

What to Expect in Ag Markets

September, 29, 2017|

Grain Markets Await Harvest Result

Angie Setzer, the Goddess of Grains and the vice president of grains at Citizens Elevator, joins Bubba to discuss current agricultural markets...

FED Gauges Market

September, 28, 2017|

Growth Continues to Slow

Janet Yellen is out once again with many other Fed Governors trying to gauge market opinion, as they try to figure out what’s next. Bubba believes this is done intentionally to test public and market opinion. Growth continues to slow, yet the FED tells us they are doing a good job...

NASDAQ Under Pressure

September, 27, 2017|

AMZN in Correction Mode

Today on The Bubba Show, Bubba looks at all the markets and talks about the key reversal in the Nasdaq. While the Russell is making new highs, the diverging markets are adding consternation to a market that is already filled with mass confusion...

Physical Gold is the Only Way to Play

September, 26, 2017|

Precious Metals Expert Claudio Grass Joins Bubba

Today on The Bubba Show, Bubba welcomes back Claudio Grass, a precious metals expert from Switzerland. Claudio advises gold investors on how to buy and how much gold to buy...

Market Valuations Nearly as High as 1929 Crash

September, 25, 2017|

Commercials Have Accumulated a Record VIX Position

Quite the weekend, as the U.S. engaged in a little air show with our B1 Bombers to show North Korea that we are serious. President Trump’s decision to show force to North Korea was good, but his decision to antagonize professional athletes was a huge mistake. Jane King and Matt Demeter join Bubba to discuss politics and markets...

Greed is in Control

September, 22, 2017|

Bubba Breaks Down his Stock Watchlist

The weekend is here and North Korea is at it again, calling President Trump deranged. On Thursday, Trump signed an executive order to put maximum sanctions against North Korea. China has stepped up as Bubba called for a week ago. And look at the markets, almost no reaction from investors as greed is in total control...