Buyers Still Hold Edge in Markets

March, 9, 2017|

Volatility Continues to Sink

Today on The Bubba Show, Bubba covers a myriad of current topics. Since the OPEC rally, Bubba has been calling B.S. and finally on Wednesday Crude was clobbered, falling 3.00. It did hold the 50-dollar level, but that looks to be short lived and we are looking for the mid 40’s...

America’s Nagging Debt Problem

March, 8, 2017|

Deutsche Bank Finds Trouble Again

Today on The Bubba Show, Dr. Bob Swarup from Camdor Global and author of Money Mania: Panics Booms and Busts is back and Bubba is ready for him. Bubba begins by asking Bob for his assessment of the Donald Trump Presidency...

Markets Have No Fear

March, 7, 2017|

Investors Still Quite Comfortable

Markets once again prove that they have no fear and the buyers will keep coming until they don’t. Today on The Bubba Show, Bubba talks about some of the key things to watch in a market that lacks volatility. The main indication you get from a market like this is that falling volatility will never lead to a market sell off.

The Short Side is the Right Side

March, 6, 2017|

Not Much Upside Left for Market

Today on The Bubba Show, Bubba talks about the blow off top he thinks the markets made last Wednesday. Bubba feels the near-term top is in for now, but is not looking for a disastrous sell off, instead more profit taking and a small sell off...

Build, Maintain, and Protect Your Long-Term Portfolio

March, 3, 2017|

The Secrets of Compounding and Taking Care of Your Investments

What a week! CAT was caught cheating and gets raided. Jeff Sessions gets grilled about Russia. And after another “Trump Rally”, markets look like they are coming under pressure. Bubba discusses all of these and then digs into long-term investing in hopes of educating listeners on the secrets of compounding and taking care of your long-term portfolio...

Government Should Be Run as a Business

March, 2, 2017|

President Trump’s Speech Rallies Markets

Trump knocked one out of the park with his address to the joint session and lays out a great game plan. Bubba talks about the speech and why it had such a positive effect on the markets. The plan that President Trump is compiling is exactly what Bubba has been calling for: to rebuild the government and run it like a business...

President Trump Delivers Solid Speech

March, 1, 2017|

Markets Continue to Exhibit Euphoria

President Trump knocked one out the park in last night’s speech to the joint house. The left didn’t know what hit them, and yet they still managed to whine and complain about the speech. Bubba feels that Trump was solid on key points during his speech, and was particularly strong on the need for the people of the United States to unify...

President Trump’s Speech Could Throw Curve-ball to Markets

February, 28, 2017|

Dow Near to More Record Breaking?

Records are made to be broken. Bubba discusses the Dow as well as the other indices as they continue to make new highs. Bubba talks about this action coming to an end, but asserts that although he sees the top of the market, he cannot act on it because he doesn’t have a valid footprint...

Commercial Traders Look to Short Oil

February, 27, 2017|

Market Correction Expected

Today on The Bubba Show, Bubba blasts the Oscars as the newest political venue. It seems we can no longer sit and enjoy an award show without political posturing throughout a huge portion of the show. Bubba shows his frustration as he hopes we can go back to being Americans without all the division. Bubba talks about the markets and his belief that the top is in...