Big Oil Remains on Top

March, 29, 2017|

Tesla Reveals Desperation

Bubba is spitting nails at the garbage being spewed by the street. Now they are talking about fewer stocks meaning higher prices, another crock from market pundits who are always helping to destroy the average investor. This is just another reason the markets are nearing the end of this run...

Debt Elimination is Possible

March, 28, 2017|

Turning the Table on the FED

Today on The Bubba Show, Bubba welcomes in Taansen Fairmont from which is a service to help people with debt. Taansen explains that his company works within the rules and regulations of the laws and is a prepackaged paperwork to make it easier for the borrower to work out a deal and eliminate or reduce the debt...

Markets Signal Trouble

March, 27, 2017|

Technical View of Recent Market Action

Bubba is back and the markets are showing signs of trouble. There is also trouble on the hill causing people to lose their minds. Bubba talks about the failed health care vote and the problems to come. Bubba is more convinced than ever that the markets have found their top or are very close, warning investors to be careful...

Buy the Rumor, Sell the News

March, 24, 2017|

Big Market Move Brewing

With markets on edge, Bubba talks about the existing problems within and what could possibly happen going forward. The pundits continue to talk up the markets looking for the rally to continue, demonstrating they have no clue as to how markets work...

Markets on Edge: Why This Time is NOT Different

March, 23, 2017|

The Secret is in the Footprint

Health Care, Tax Reform, and a whole slew of other stuff on today’s episode of The Bubba show. Markets are on edge for many reasons, mainly because they just want to sell off and are on the search for a reason...

Markets Saw Biggest Down Day of 2017

March, 22, 2017|

With More Down Days Likely, Bubba Looks at Stocks to Short

On Tuesday, markets saw their biggest down day in 2017 and in the last 115 days. Bubba talks about the sell off and teaches listeners about the markets by playing his Monday night webinar. On the webinar, Bubba talks about the market conditions and the hunt for stocks and markets to short...

Gold, Cash, and the Central Banking Ponzi Scheme

March, 21, 2017|

Is the bear market in Gold near its end?

Today on The Bubba Show, Bubba is joined by Claudio Grass, Ambassador for the Mises Institute and Managing Director of Global Gold, for a chat about gold, the government, and the Ponzi Scheme. Bubba and Claudio talk about the physical metal and discuss the issue of the gold bear market...

Have Markets Reached their Tops?

March, 20, 2017|

Oil Positioned for Dead Cat Bounce before Going Lower

The weekend is over and the NCAA tournament has been narrowed down to the sweet 16, but not without controversy. The top headline for the tournament now should be ‘Northwestern making their first NCAA in history gets ripped off by the referees’ on what could be the worst call in history. Very similar to the FED and Janet Yellen, maybe they were doing the officiating...

Markets Stuck in Tight Range

March, 17, 2017|

As the Big Move Approaches, will it be to the Upside or Downside?

Markets continue to trade to in a tight range and are desperately trying to break out one way or the other. Bubba talks about the price action and what it means to the markets. Bubba also discusses what it is going to take to break the markets out of this range...