Grains Finally Squeeze Out a Rally

February, 14, 2018|

Are Agricultural Markets Experiencing the Effects of the Dollar?

It’s Valentine’s Day and Bubba brings in his Valentine, the Goddess of Grains, Angie Setzer. Bubba and Angie talk about the recent rally in grains, which both of them thought was imminent. Markets are seeing more buying and the price levels were too low...

Volume & Volatility Confirm This Market Has Topped

February, 13, 2018|

Expect Vicious Rallies

Markets put together a rip-your-face-off rally to start the week. Today on The Bubba Show, Bubba talks about why it happened and what to do about it. For weeks, Bubba has talked about the rising volatility and the market sell-off. There are always going to be rip-your-face-off rallies when the markets are putting in a top...

Markets Near Bottom or Headed Lower?

February, 12, 2018|

Oil, Bonds, and Crypto Reach Their Peak

The markets opened much higher on Monday and Bubba feels that this is just another selling opportunity. The stock market pundits and advisers are busy chirping about today’s strength, while Bubba believes the markets are still headed much lower....

Markets Break Down in Dramatic Fashion

February, 6, 2018|

The Harder the Selling, The Bigger the Rally

Today on The Bubba Show, Bubba plays his Monday Night Strategy Call. Bubba talks about the current market action and explains what he is looking for in the next couple of days. The markets are breaking down and Bubba feels that we should look for an opportunity to buy some inexpensive options to the long side...

How Ugly Will this Market Sell-Off Be?

February, 5, 2018|

Expect a Rip-Your-Face-Off Rally in the Next Few Days

Bubba licks his wounds after picking New England in what should have been an easy victory. Markets are getting clobbered again after Friday’s action, as Bubba said they would. Jane King and Matt Demeter join Bubba to talk State of the Union and what's next now that markets are under serious pressure...