Buyers Rescue Every Sell Off

November, 15, 2017|

Markets Rally Back Again

Markets continue their same pattern. Every sell off is met with buyers, as witnessed on Tuesday. Markets got clobbered at 10:00 EST, falling 100 points in 15 minutes only to rally back close to unchanged. Bubba explains the action and why the same things happen repeatedly...

Grain Markets Likely to Remain Sluggish

November, 14, 2017|

Hedging to Protect Crops & Livestock

Grain markets got hammered on Monday and Bubba had to call in the expert Angie Setzer, Vice President of Grains at Citizens Elevator. Angie tells Bubba that the USDA surprised the markets by revising their estimates last week, which may have caused some of the selling pressure...

Biggest Tax Cuts in History?

November, 13, 2017|

Looks Like More of the Same from Capitol Hill

It’s back to work and Bubba is back with fire in his belly ripping on the new tax plan. Bubba is disappointed in President Trump and feels this tax plan is an embarrassment after promising that this would be the biggest tax cuts in history. Jane King and Matt Demeter join Bubba today...

Tax Plan No Bargain for Small Business

November, 10, 2017|

Will Markets Start to Correct in 2018?

Thursday saw the markets down about 1% for the first time in over 150 days, but in what has been the case, the markets came charging back cutting the losses in half or more. Bubba talks about the reasoning behind the constant bid underneath the market and why the dip buyers have so much strength...

Markets Aim Higher Without Missing a Beat

November, 9, 2017|

Agricultural Commodities Flat

Markets seem like they will never go down again. On Tuesday the markets sent out major bearish signals and Wednesday they were right back to new highs without missing a beat. Bubba explains that fighting the tape and the market action is an exercise in futility...

Are Gamblers Taking Over the Markets?

November, 7, 2017|

Goldman Sachs Struggles in Low Volume, Low Volatility Environment

Markets continue to work higher with low volume and volatility, and Bubba explains that this is what dull markets do. There is no reason to step in front until the markets give signs that the rally is over...

Bitcoin Headed to the Moon

November, 6, 2017|

Russell Reacts to New Tax Plan

Today on The Bubba Show, Bubba talks about the college football beatdown of Penn State and Ohio State over the weekend. Laughing at the glowing jobs number, Bubba calls it BS. Between the jobs number, tax plan and new FED chair, the markets continue to make new highs. Both Jane King and Matt Demeter join the show today...