Agricultural Market Expectations

July, 20, 2017|

Fundamental Vs Technical Market Analysis

Today Bubba joins Chip Flory on Market Rally Radio and Marlin Bohling of Rural Radio. First up Bubba Cohosts Market Rally Radio to discuss market expectations and price reaction. Bubba believes that markets are well ahead of the news, especially in today’s world when all the information can be gathered well before the news comes out...

FED Ushers in Back-Door Interest Rate Hike

July, 18, 2017|

Options Expert Kevin Kelly Joins the Show

Today’s show brings in a brand-new guest, Kevin Kelly with Recon Capital. Kevin is an options expert who uses options in various ways to help his clients manage their portfolios with the most powerful tool investors have, Options...

Best Way to Play the Impending Market Sell Off

July, 17, 2017|

More Selling Pressure for Gold and Silver?

What’s up everyone? The weekend is over and Bubba is back and fired up! Starting right off with the ignorance of the FED, Bubba talks about the backdoor rate hike which seems to have slipped by the experts in all their bullishness...

Grains Fall Hard on USDA Report

July, 14, 2017|

Recent Sell Off is Buying Opportunity

Friday’s show features Angie Setzer, Vice President of Grains at Citizens Elevator. The USDA reported on Wednesday sending the grains falling hard. Bubba and Angie talk about the report and some of the inconsistencies within...

Chase for Yield Rolls On

July, 13, 2017|

Fed Chair Janet Yellen Offers More Double Speak

Markets once again rebound from the depths of news and make new highs. The chase for yield and greed rolls on! Bubba explains that this is topping action and those that get trapped in with the excitement will end up losing their money...

Oil Could Go Below $40

July, 12, 2017|

Bonds Look to Break Down

Bubba talks a little about the Trump Jr. news bomb that dropped on Tuesday and the way the markets immediately recovered and went back to normal trading. The tops are in, according to Bubba, as he goes over the main indexes that he trades and assigns short and long-term levels...

Market Expectations: What’s to Come?

July, 12, 2017|

Veteran Traders Talk Markets and Trading Methods

Today on The Bubba Show, Bubba welcomes Dale Pinkert, host/moderator at and a veteran from the Chicago Trading floor. Dale joins Bubba to discuss trading and markets...

Bonds Headed Lower Longer Term

July, 10, 2017|

Sell the Rally

The Bubba Show is back and ready for another week. Monday, Bubba welcomes Jane King and Matt Demeter. What the hell is going on in the markets? The experts continue to mislead the average investor with glossed over reporting, making things look better than they are...