Senator Elizabeth Warren talks a good game, from banking to the wage gap between men and women. Of course, talk is cheap and if you look deeper into Senator Warren and her estimated net worth of between 10 and 15 million, it certainly makes you scratch your head. Warren lives in a home valued at over 5 million.

Warren supposedly is against predatory lending, yet made much or her fortune participating in a number of lucrative real estate deals using maneuvers such as ‘flipping’ properties to make profits. Warren continues to hammer the big banks and heartless foreclosures, but that didn’t stop her using the controversial tactics to make fortunes.

In the 90’s, Warren was an active participant in buying foreclosures from those predatory banks she shows so much disdain for. It has been written that Warren has made as much as 73% on some of here flips or foreclosure deals. Rumors are that Senator Warren loaned relative’s money at rates that could almost be considered usury rates, another contradictory example of do as I say, not as I do.

Warren has been a boil on Trump’s bum and is now questioning the “MOAB” bomb dropped in Afghanistan last week. Warren is challenging Trump on his decisions about the bomb and his strategy in the Middle East.  Warren should focus on what she knows, which is still in question. We know she creates controversy, but has done nothing for her major causes.

Her biggest cause has been wages for women which proves what a hypocrite she really is. The national average of pay for women is .79 on the dollar, but in Senator Warren’s office the average moves down to .71. Doesn’t sound like her big plan is working, especially since she can’t even get equal pay in her own office. 

Reports show that in Warren’s office the median annual earnings for women staffers was $52,750, compared with $73,750 for men. Only one woman in her office makes over $100,000, while 5 men earn $100,000 plus. Sounds like there is an issue there. Why would anyone want to pay more when the big advocate doesn’t? I personally believe that pay should be per job, not gender, and women are under paid.

It looks like Senator Warren is the same as Hillary Clinton, all talk and no action trying to win votes and not keeping her promises. It’s amazing how the truly wealthy can mouth off on issues as long as it doesn’t affect them. We would look at this as the liberal way, make tons of money through all of the things that you show public disdain for and then pretend to be an advocate for all of the things that you have done to benefit yourself.

Seems to me Senator Warren is all talk and no action, making a lot of noise on the things that helped her make most of her money. The Elizabeth Warren motto is “do as I say, not as I do.”


Keep those stops tight

Todd “Bubba” Horwitz