Will Current Consumer Debt Collapse Markets Again?

Today, on The Bubba Show, Bubba introduces Joe Meyer from StraightMoneyAnalysis.com. Bubba and Joe discuss the current equity markets. Joe states that the correction in the equity markets has been extremely mild when you consider the rally over the past six years. Joe feels that the stock market picked up too much bearish sentiment too quickly to have it collapse from these levels. Joe believes that the big correction will come later.

Bubba and Joe discuss the interest rate market. Joe asserts that the ultra low rates are not helping economic growth. He feels that they should have been raised a couple of years ago. Bubba comments on the housing market and asks, why with housing rents at record levels are the permits to build rising? Where, he asks, are the buyers coming from? Joe believes that the first-time buyer market is tougher than ever. [Read More…]