Grain Markets Likely to Remain Sluggish

Hedging to Protect Crops & Livestock

Grain markets got hammered on Monday and Bubba had to call in the expert Angie Setzer, Vice President of Grains at Citizens Elevator. Angie tells Bubba that the USDA surprised the markets by revising their estimates last week, which may have caused some of the selling pressure...

When to Hedge or Store Grains

Trading and Hedging for The Farming Community

On Wednesday’s Bubba Show, Angie Setzer from Citizens Elevator comes in to discuss the mentality of trading and hedging for the farming community. Bubba asks Angie about risk and how to determine when to hedge and or store grains...

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Look for New Money to Flow into Ag Markets

Bearish USDA Report Baked In, Will Grains Rally Off their Lows?

Angie Setzer, the Goddess of Grains and the vice president of grains at Citizens Elevator, joins Bubba to discuss the USDA report. The report was expected to be bearish and it was...