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If you’re looking for hard guidance in today’s Federal Open Market Committee statement, I’d suggest you tamp your enthusiasm. Janet Yellen has orchestrated the slowest tightening cycle in history, defying even the ‘measured’ pace at which Alan Greenspan tightened which culminated in the housing bubble bursting. The last thing Yellen wants to do at her last FOMC meeting is stir any pot...

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China's Tough Electric-Car Quota

China will force foreign car makers here to start manufacturing electric vehicles in 2019 - a one-year reprieve from an earlier proposal that auto companies had fought against, but still the strongest national initiative yet to spur alternatives to gasoline and diesel cars...

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Greed is in Control

Bubba Breaks Down his Stock Watchlist

The weekend is here and North Korea is at it again, calling President Trump deranged. On Thursday, Trump signed an executive order to put maximum sanctions against North Korea. China has stepped up as Bubba called for a week ago. And look at the markets, almost no reaction from investors as greed is in total control...

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Cryptocurrencies Under Pressure

Buying Opportunity?

It’s Friday and North Korea is at it again. After the close on Thursday, North Korea sent another missile flying over Japan, sending the markets lower. By Friday Morning, the markets had recovered because money rules...

Market Action Suggests a Breakout Move

Bubba and Jane King Discuss DACA

The first weekend of football is over and the markets are still in disarray. Today on the Bubba Show, Bubba talks about the market action and the major consolidation pattern they are in. They will break out eventually, either up or down, but they will make a move. This is typical market action as markets spend 65% of the time in this same formation...

Market Break Down

Bubba Maintains $40 Target on Crude Oil

Today on The Bubba Show, Bubba shares his Monday night webinar where he goes over the general market conditions and talks about a few of the news events that can affect the markets. Bubba breaks down all the markets and tells everyone that although he is bearish, he would expect a rally which is exactly what we saw on Tuesday. Bubba talks about the credit markets and how they are signaling possible failure...