Commodities Under Heavy Pressure

Markets Going Nowhere Without Volatility

The weekend is over, but the markets do not care, as they continue to churn in a range with no volatility and no interest. The markets are in the torture cycle, making trading tough for everyone. The healthcare bill is still lost in congress, along with growth and tax cuts...

Markets Set Up for Major Move

Commodities Crashing

Today on The Bubba Show, Bubba talks markets and calls the top, telling listeners that the top is here, but that doesn’t mean you can sell without purpose. Commodities are getting clobbered, while markets push higher with the bonds, something is wrong with this picture. The lack of free markets and price discovery is destroying the system, but that is what you get with manipulation...

Manipulation Killing Free Markets

While the FED is out there begging for inflation so they can tax me more on what I already own, what has happened to free markets and true price discovery? Normalization has become the new buzz word, but a better question would be, what is normal?

Will VIX Make New All-Time Low?

AMZN &GOOGL Likely to Reach Over 1000

It’s Memorial Day, Bubba thanks the military past and present, their families and all public service people who defend our rights. Bubba talks about the current state of the markets and what his expectations are going forward. He looks back at last week, and discusses the 5 straight up days...