Investors Display Bullish Complacency

Recipe for Market Disaster?

The weekend is over, as is Easter and Passover, and everyone is back to work. Last week was quite a week for a shortened holiday trading week, culminating in President Trump having the MOAB (mother of all bombs) dropped in Afghanistan. The market was soft and volatility was rising, but will this be the start of the event that brings the markets lower?

Oil Prices Great for Consumer, but Don’t Expect Retail Sales to Benefit

Courtesy: FOX Business

Chief Market Strategist Todd  “Bubba” Horwitz joins Varney & Co. Todd discusses the Federal Reserve interest rate polices, the current oil market and […]

Decrease in Capital Spending Foretells a Gloomy 2016

Todd Horwitz Chief Market Strategist

Capital spending is the backbone of a robust economy, but American industrial firms are not currently spending on the basic building blocks such as: machines, […]