Will USDA Reports Change the Outlook on Ag Markets?

The Importance of Hedging Crops & Storing Grains

Today on The Bubba Show, the Goddess is back to talk grains and livestock. Angie Setzer, Vice President of Grains at Citizens Elevator spends the day with Bubba to discuss agricultural markets. Angie talks about the upcoming USDA reports and the effect they may have on the markets...

Agricultural Market Conditions

Corn & Wheat Expected to Work Much Higher

Bubba welcomes back Angie Setzer from Citizens Elevator where she is vice president of grains and of course on Twitter she is known as the goddess of grains. Bubba asks Angie about the overall condition of the grain markets and what her expectations are...

How Do You Handle The Grains Now?

Today the headlines in the Wall Street Journal blared, “PRICES SOAR ON CROP WOES”. And indeed we had a big rally yesterday in the grains. Soybeans led the way with […]