“New Markets” Will Never Go Down?

Bubba’s Market Breakdown

It’s Friday and Bubba is ready to rock and roll! Thursday was another wild ride in the markets, the Dow was up big, the Nasdaq was down big, while the S&P was flat. Bubba talks about the markets being on edge and refers to the “New Markets”...

Buyers Step Up to Cut Market Losses

DOW was down nearly 300 points Thursday

Fourth of July 4th weekend is here and Bubba talks about Thursday’s market action. The markets had a chance to really get ugly and were on their way before, once again, the buyers stepped up and the markets rallied to cut about 40% of their losses...

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Markets Take a Tumble

The DOW dropped more than 165 points Thursday and tech stocks led the way down. The Nasdaq fell nearly 1.5%, with tech leaders Apple, Amazon, Alphabet, Facebook, and Microsoft all lower. Around midday, the DOW was down almost 300 points, but rallied the rest of the day...

Markets Move Higher in Consolidation

Watching the VIX

Markets move higher with Dow as the safety play, and Nasdaq as a dead cat bounce. Bubba has called the top in the markets, but warns that this doesn’t mean they are going straight down. The call is based on years of watching markets, but the key is still the VIX and until that starts to hold and rally, the consolidation near the top will continue...

Market Volatility Collapse

Dow Driving Higher on Air

Markets have rallied 400 points in 2 days and show no signs of giving up. The interesting part is there has been no trade during the day, all the action has taken place during the night sessions. Bubba talks about the problems with these markets and why they are so much more challenging to trade...

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Record Positions on Dow & Volatility Futures

What’s Next for Markets?

Bubba comes back from the weekend talking about the NCAA final four and both of his winning picks. Now Bubba steps out to call the top of the markets. He explained this set up weeks ago and described how the events should take place. The first part of the big rally to the upside has occurred and the lower highs have occurred, let’s see what happens...

The Five-Tool Bond Market

Danielle DiMartino Booth

Federal Reserve officials appear to be experiencing some sort of group out of body experience, in full born public form. And it’s the formerly squeamish leading the charge. The doves are convincingly cooing in the most hawkish language conceivable. Critically, the market is taking policymakers at their word. Odds of a March rate hike are baked into the cake...

President Trump’s Speech Could Throw Curve-ball to Markets

Dow Near to More Record Breaking?

Records are made to be broken. Bubba discusses the Dow as well as the other indices as they continue to make new highs. Bubba talks about this action coming to an end, but asserts that although he sees the top of the market, he cannot act on it because he doesn’t have a valid footprint...

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