The Tech Titans

Three of the biggest tech companies reported record quarterly financial results on Thursday as they extended their dominance over swaths of the global economy. Apple Inc., Alphabet Inc. and Inc.-with a combined market value of more than $2 trillion-all boosted growth...

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Markets Reversing Course as Bitcoin Collapses

The Key Will be Where the Next Rally Fails

The first month of 2018 is coming to an end and fireworks are expected, between the FED reporting and Facebook earnings, things should get interesting. The markets have reversed course and now look to be headed lower, indicating the tops of the markets are in...

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Will the FED be the Black Swan Markets Need to Sell-Off?

Markets Under Pressure

Markets were under pressure on Monday, which is consistent with a potential top in the market. This is going to be a huge week with the FED, the jobs and all the big earnings reports due out this week. Bubba talks about the problems that are starting to pop up...


Price Wars are On

Household goods from diapers to toilet paper to razors are getting cheaper, but what is a boon for shoppers is squeezing profits at the world’s biggest consumer-goods companies. Under pressure to boost sales, Proctor & Gamble Co. resorted to widespread discounting late last year to win back customers...

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General Electric Under Pressure

General Electric is slashing its coveted stock dividend in half and getting even smaller by selling storied businesses such as its railroad and light bulb unit. The dividend cut, only GE's second since the Great Depression, shows the depths of the iconic company's financial problems...

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Tax Cuts Delayed, Markets Continue to Rally

Bubba Shares His List of Stocks

Markets higher on the first day of November, which should be no surprise because they are higher almost every day. The Tax plan has been delayed, the jobs number is Friday and of course markets go higher. Bubba talks about the lack of volume and complacency that exist in the markets...

Markets Await New FED Chair

Another Dove?

It’s Tuesday October 31st, Trick or treat, but the big question is will traders and investors get tricked or treated. Today on The Bubba Show, Bubba talks about the Bloomberg story that sent the markets lower on Monday...