Tax Cuts Delayed, Markets Continue to Rally

Bubba Shares His List of Stocks

Markets higher on the first day of November, which should be no surprise because they are higher almost every day. The Tax plan has been delayed, the jobs number is Friday and of course markets go higher. Bubba talks about the lack of volume and complacency that exist in the markets...

Markets Await New FED Chair

Another Dove?

It’s Tuesday October 31st, Trick or treat, but the big question is will traders and investors get tricked or treated. Today on The Bubba Show, Bubba talks about the Bloomberg story that sent the markets lower on Monday...


Firms are lowering their earnings outlook, in hopes of beating analysts' forecasts, this is a trick for the ages to create a buying frenzy in stocks. The most famous for that manipulative trick is AAPL, GOOGL and CSCO who repeatedly talk down their earnings only to blow them away...

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Market Dip on the Horizon?

Big Tech Earnings Make Quite the Splash

Thursday, the big tech earnings came out and Amazon, Google and Microsoft blew the doors off to rally 5-6% after the close. Looking ahead to next week, Bubba stands by his call that the markets will finally see that 3% dip...

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Wall Street and Main Street Farther Apart

The Stock market continues to rally, having its biggest up week of the year, making new highs in the DOW. S&P and Nasdaq. The Russell is not far behind, but had the best performance last week gaining 2.4%. The NYSE as the broadest proxy for US stocks. That index, now at 12,080, has a top target of 12,000...

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Toys "R" Us Debt Struggle

Toys "R" Us Inc. has tapped lawyers at Kirkland & Ellis to help restructure its heavy debt load, said people familiar with the matter, the latest sign of trouble for a once-mighty retailer that has struggled to fend off Inc. and the discount chains...

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