Facebook Profit Jumps

Facebook Inc. on Wednesday said profit rose a better-than-expected 71% in the second quarter, as the social-media giant benefited from expanding its use of ads. They reported earnings per share of $1.32, up from 78 cents a year ago compared with the $1.12 per share projected...

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Free Markets Don’t Need Artificial Stimulation

Corporate Earnings Built on Contraction

Today on The Bubba Show, Bubba is B**chin’! Bubba goes to town, starting with the idiots who want to increase the deficit instead of reducing it. Bubba explains that if we could just have free markets, most of these problems would disappear through real growth and the economy wouldn’t need artificial stimulation...

FED Driving Phony Growth

Mike Brown and Danielle DiMartino Booth join Bubba again today! Bubba recaps the week's events, while calling for the top of the markets, while discussing what to look for and how to trade markets that are in a topping formation...

Earnings Trades

Breaking Down the Charts

Today on The Bubba Show, Bubba welcomes in the month of June talking about the lack of any action in the markets as they sit back and wait for something. Nobody knows what that something will be, but something will ultimately shake up these markets. Bubba replays Monday’s call and breaks down the charts on specific stocks...

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Blowout Earnings Add to an Overdone Market

Cattle Markets in Major Squeeze

Was Thursday a defining moment in the market? Amazon and Google had blowout earnings and both stocks exploded 50 points which was in expectations based on the options market. Bubba feels that this overall exuberance is bringing the markets to a decision point. Bubba views these markets as overdone, but adds that you can’t fight it...

A Rotten Apple

An Apple a Day?

A lot of people were wondering what would happen with quarterly earnings results for Apple Inc. yesterday, and the results were not entirely favorable, but certainly did not disappoint. Apple stated that demand for its iPhone 7 helped deliver record revenue, ending three consecutive quarters of declines, but the new device failed to lift profitability as margins came under pressure.

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