FED Slated to Test Water for Rate Hike

This week should be one crazy week, there is a ton of economic data tied in with 4 or 5 FED speeches. Of course, once again the FED will be testing the waters with speeches almost every day, their way of trying to get a feel for whether the markets will have another taper tantrum if they decide to hike rates again. The gutless wonders are not only clueless, but have no grip on reality...

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It’s hard to believe, but it’s been over a year since Germany’s top banking regulator warned that negative interest rates were a “seeping poison” infecting Germany’s financial system. Such was the pressure exerted on German life insurers, “a handful” had been put on death watch, as in they might be forced to wind down by 2018...

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As pendulums go, the current swing to the ostensibly wealthy far edges is one for the ages, the Gilded Ages. Gorgeous old mansions are being razed en masse to make way for zero-lot-line mortgaged monstrosities. Driving a Porsche is no longer a sufficient statement. And vacations to destinations with no butler service all but invite pity...

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The Overlords of Finance

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The U.S. election and hurricane seasons are seemingly raging on in sync. Will one candidate or the other make landfall on Pennsylvania Avenue? Does Hurricane Matthew’s strength presage a turbulent fall and chilly economic data in the forecast? Strategists and economists are feverishly stabbing at the over and under on it all...

Off to See the Wizard

The last few weeks have been filled with economic data, some good, some bad, but overall the economy sucks. The media and economists can paint any picture they want, they can cheer lead the run to record highs in the S&P and they can spin the data to make things look rosy. However, there is one thing they cannot do and that is change the way and the rate at which the middle class is failing...

Apparently the Buck Doesn’t Stop Here

Todd Horwitz Chief Market Strategist BubbaTrading.com

Apparently the Buck may never stop going higher. Five years ago the fear mongers were trying to convince unwary investors that the U.S. dollar was […]

Japan Continues To Struggle

Long gone are the heady days of Japan’s economic boom. The real estate bubble took care of that. It has been almost 20 years since the Nikkei topped out at […]