Markets Push Higher on Air

Has the Dollar Hit Bottom?

Wednesday’s Bubba show focuses on much of the current news reports that may influence the economy in the future. Bubba breaks down the markets, talking about the slow trade, and lack of volume and volatility...

Physical Gold is the Only Way to Play

Precious Metals Expert Claudio Grass Joins Bubba

Today on The Bubba Show, Bubba welcomes back Claudio Grass, a precious metals expert from Switzerland. Claudio advises gold investors on how to buy and how much gold to buy...

Debt: The Boogieman that Never Goes Away

Will the FED Make Another Giant Mistake?

Today on The Bubba Show, Dr. Bob Swarup from Camdor Global and the author of Money Mania: Panics, Booms and Busts is back for a visit. Dr. Bob, who is an economist, explains that most economists don’t understand debt and the business cycle, which is why they typically do so poorly on judging what to do next where the economy is concerned...


The Mysterious Bond Market

The bond bull market is staging its biggest leap forward this year, much to the dismay of Wall Street forecasters. Even after a late-July Federal Reserve meeting made it clear that policy makers would begin reducing the bank's $4.5 trillion balance sheet...

Retail Ice Age Reflection of Lousy Economy

Bubba Talks Market Conditions

The solar eclipse is over and it was obvious that the markets wanted to see it because they traded as if they were closed. Today on The Bubba Show, Bubba talks about the general market conditions and explains why he sees the top of the markets...

Renegotiating NAFTA

NAFTA First Round of Talks

Opening-round talks to remake the North American Free Trade Agreement revealed early fissures dividing the U.S. from Mexico and Canada, including a Trump administration proposal to require a “substantial” portion of autos and auto parts produced under the pact be made in the U.S...

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Is the FEDERAL RESERVE Robbing Americans of their Wealth?

Todd "Bubba" Horwitz hosts episode 329 of Bubba's Bottom Line and discusses how investors have abandoned their game plans as markets continue to churn as they await further corporate earnings and other economic data.