Is the Fed’s Balance Sheet Headed for the Crapper?

Danielle DiMartino Booth

I was already writing about the Fed ahead of today’s release of the March FOMC meeting minutes when the news of Richmond Federal Reserve President Jeffrey Lacker's abrupt resignation hit the wires...

Cage Match: Trump Vs. Yellen

In this corner, wearing blue trunks, gray hair and reading glasses is Janet “the dove” Yellen and in this corner, wearing red white and blue is President Donald “make America great again” Trump.

Make no mistake, these are two foes that have a lot of pent up anger for one another and today’s cage match promises to be a doozy...

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Corruption, Lunacy and Incompetence

Fed Stands Pat

Wednesday brought us another Fed meeting, and here we stand on Thursday in the exact same spot! The Fed, once again, pushed back plans to raise interest rates on Wednesday, a move that was pretty widely expected following a series of mixed economic reports and varied signals from Fed officials. After the meeting, the FOMC voted to hold the federal funds rate between 0.25% and 0.50%, citing progress in economic and labor market growth and an improving risk outlook...