The Big Puke is Near

Stock markets have raced to record highs in the wake of Trump’s surprise victory, contrary to the predictions of many pundits at the time. Of course, pundits are one of the main reasons the innocent get trapped in these markets. The drooling and cheerleading of the pundits is bringing phony confidence to the unsuspecting retail investor...

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Build, Maintain, and Protect Your Long-Term Portfolio

The Secrets of Compounding and Taking Care of Your Investments

What a week! CAT was caught cheating and gets raided. Jeff Sessions gets grilled about Russia. And after another “Trump Rally”, markets look like they are coming under pressure. Bubba discusses all of these and then digs into long-term investing in hopes of educating listeners on the secrets of compounding and taking care of your long-term portfolio...

Alibaba Going Brick and Mortar

Alibaba's Push into Brick-and-Mortar Retail

China's Alibaba Group Holding said yesterday that it formed a strategic partnership with Bailian Group, the largest retailer by store numbers to join the e-commerce giant's drive to use big data to improve and profit from brick-and-mortar sales...

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NASDAQ Steadily Higher, While Russell Weakens

Is the Promise of Growth Overstated?

Markets remain as stagnant as can be. Bubba discusses market conditions and then shares his Monday night strategy call with listeners. Bubba explains that current market action is not very conducive to active trading and is more of a trap as are all consolidation markets. The DOW and S&P are flat and in congestion, the NASDAQ is a monster, trending higher and making new high after new high, while the Russell is the weakest and is the choice to short the market...

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Market Expectations Too High, BS On 4% Growth In 2017

I always love the beginning of a new year, renewed hope, a fresh start, and resolutions galore. One thing that doesn’t change is the cheerleading when things are good or the sorrow when the markets sell off. The joy and exuberance of the market forecasters looking for new business wanting to manage your money. This year we have the added benefit of a new president making tons of promises...

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Is the Trump Rally Being Over Bought?

Disaster was predicted if Donald Trump were to be elected as President. The markets, they all said, were going to collapse. The world was sweating out how bad the damage would be with Donald Trump as the president, Mark Cuban said he would rather give up all his money than to have Donald Trump as president.

Two Market Bears Discuss Benefits of a Trump Presidency

Can Donald Trump Turn the Economy Around?

Bubba welcomes back the advisers adviser and market bear, Jeff Sica from Circle Squared Alts. Jeff is a regular on Varney & Co. of FOX Business, and along with Bubba, they are the only bears on air. Bubba and Jeff discuss the election of Donald Trump...