Justice Department Looks Under the Hood

In Musk We Trust?

Tesla Inc. on Tuesday said the Justice Department has opened an investigation into the company following Chief Executive Elon Musk’s surprise tweet in August that he had secured funding to possibly take the electric-car maker private...

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Tesla Troubles?

SEC Looking at Musk

U.S. regulators are asking Tesla Inc. whether Chief Executive Elon Musk was truthful when he tweeted that he had secured funding for what would be the largest-ever corporate buyout, people familiar with the matter said. Officials at the Securities and Exchange Commission want to know whether Mr. Musk had a factual basis for tweeting Tuesday that the going-private transaction was all but certain...

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U.S. Treasury Slowing Down the Com Deal

Trouble for the Com Duo

Broadcom's attempt to buy Qualcomm is in jeopardy after the U.S. Treasury's Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States outlined concerns it had about the transaction in a March 5 letter addressed to Broadcom and Qualcomm lawyers...


Caterpillar's Big Tax Fight

Caterpillar Inc. has long used a subsidiary in Geneva, Switzerland, called Caterpillar SARL, to process sales and profits for international orders, and the IRS want the heavy-machinery maker to pay a $2 billion tax bill on that business, according to The Wall Street Journal...

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Surprise! Google Finds Russian Ads

Google Discovers Russia-Backed Ads

Google found that Russian-linked entities bought tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of politically motivated ads on its platform around the U.S. presidential election, according to people familiar with the investigation, the first sign that Russia's alleged attempts to influence the 2016 vote spread to the world's largest advertising business...

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Trouble in Uber-Land

Trouble Brewing at Uber

Uber Technologies Inc. said a top member of its chief executive has left the firm. Uber's chief business officer, Emil Michael, told employees Monday that he had left the company. According to people familiar with the matter, his departure was related to a report on Uber's workplace culture by former US Attorney General Eric Holder that was presented to the board...

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Calling Bulls**t on the FED, Comey, and ECB

This week we have the con artists known as the FED who will announce their decision on interest rates on Wednesday. They are going to hike, which is no surprise, while continuing to run the world’s largest legalized Ponzi scheme. The FED is the great American tragedy allowing people to run economic policy who only know how to borrow their way out of debt and tax the middle class...