Procter and Gamble Declare Victory

Procter & Gamble declared victory Tuesday over activist investor Nelson Peltz, saying initial figures show it won the biggest proxy battle in history. But the narrow win puts pressure on the owner of Bounty and Tide to move faster in its turnaround and regain support of investors...

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Markets Rally 7 Days in a Row

Complacency is King

New high after new high on declining volume and volatility, complacency is king. Markets rally 7 days in a row gaining 2%. The picture is not pretty if the best the bulls can do is a 2% rally. Bubba says the markets are looking for a reason to sell off and no one knows what that is yet...

Complacency Will Lead to Downfall of Current Markets

Debt Crises Continues

Today on The Bubba Show, Bubba talks about market direction and explains why the overall complacency will eventually lead to the downfall of the current markets. Investors have decided that the markets are never going down again as they continue to buy equities on margin...

Physical Gold is the Only Way to Play

Precious Metals Expert Claudio Grass Joins Bubba

Today on The Bubba Show, Bubba welcomes back Claudio Grass, a precious metals expert from Switzerland. Claudio advises gold investors on how to buy and how much gold to buy...

Greed is in Control

Bubba Breaks Down his Stock Watchlist

The weekend is here and North Korea is at it again, calling President Trump deranged. On Thursday, Trump signed an executive order to put maximum sanctions against North Korea. China has stepped up as Bubba called for a week ago. And look at the markets, almost no reaction from investors as greed is in total control...

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Wall Street and Main Street Farther Apart

The Stock market continues to rally, having its biggest up week of the year, making new highs in the DOW. S&P and Nasdaq. The Russell is not far behind, but had the best performance last week gaining 2.4%. The NYSE as the broadest proxy for US stocks. That index, now at 12,080, has a top target of 12,000...

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Markets Will Not Announce Downturn: Be Prepared

Bubba Shares Some of His Trades

The markets continue to vacillate in a sweeping range looking for a spot to break out from. Volatility looks like it’s trying to come back, but complacency is still the lead factor in markets...

Investors Convinced “This Time is Different”

Markets Remain Quiet Amidst Chaos

Today on The Bubba Show, Bubba talks about the lack of market activity keeping the markets very complacent. Bubba also discusses the cost of living and how the working-class American cannot afford the American dream. It’s obvious that investors are convinced nothing can go wrong and they are feeling that “this time is different.” The crushing of the small retailer is becoming a much bigger problem than anyone wants to admit...

Times…They Are a Changin’

Is the Clock Ticking on this Market?

It seems as though the market was out partying too hard this Labor Day Weekend as the Dow Jones Industrial average recorded its biggest one-day drop since August 17th, falling 234.2 points to close at 21.753.31, with United Technologies and Goldman Sachs contributing the most to the losses...

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