Markets Near Bottom or Headed Lower?

Oil, Bonds, and Crypto Reach Their Peak

The markets opened much higher on Monday and Bubba feels that this is just another selling opportunity. The stock market pundits and advisers are busy chirping about today’s strength, while Bubba believes the markets are still headed much lower....


Keurig to Acquire Dr. Pepper Snapple

The maker of Keurig coffee machines is taking over Dr Pepper Snapple Group Inc., a marriage that combines popular brands that have struggled with increased competition and shifting consumer tastes. The transaction, which would pay nearly $19 billion in cash to Dr Pepper Snapple investors...

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What’s Behind the Continued Spike in Markets?

Another Key Reversal Fails

Markets have gone mad, exploding over 300 points higher on Wednesday, erasing all the bad memories from Tuesday. Bubba gives a big ‘I told you so’ in regard to getting too excited about Tuesday’s key reversal. Bubba talks about the general markets and what to expect, as well as what's behind the continued spike in markets...

Key Reversal for Markets as Volatility Rises

Trading Opportunities to Increase

Wednesday on The Bubba Show, Bubba talks about Tuesday’s key reversal pattern, as markets made new all-time highs and closed lower, which usually signifies a reversal of trend in the markets. Bubba warns not to get too excited or too aggressive to the downside as this pattern has repeatedly failed...


Time to Break Up?

General Electric, once America's most successful conglomerate, could break itself apart. A breakup would represent a further dismantling of an already-shrinking empire that still makes everything from light bulbs and jet engines to MRI machines and power plants...

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