Will the FED be the Black Swan Markets Need to Sell-Off?

Markets Under Pressure

Markets were under pressure on Monday, which is consistent with a potential top in the market. This is going to be a huge week with the FED, the jobs and all the big earnings reports due out this week. Bubba talks about the problems that are starting to pop up...


Taking One for the Team

Apple Inc. said it would pay a one-time tax of $38 billion on its overseas cash holdings and ramp up spending in the U.S., as it seeks to emphasize its contributions to the American economy after years of taking criticism for outsourcing manufacturing to China...

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It’s official, the Senate has voted on their tax plan, another lousy plan that doesn’t help small business and actually gives an even bigger benefit to big business. The markets believe that this is the cure all as they push to new record highs, opening Sunday night over 200 points overnight. The bulls are in control and convincing the poor retail investors that this time is different...

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General Electric Under Pressure

General Electric is slashing its coveted stock dividend in half and getting even smaller by selling storied businesses such as its railroad and light bulb unit. The dividend cut, only GE's second since the Great Depression, shows the depths of the iconic company's financial problems...

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As a fan of President Trump and someone who predicted his victory over a year in an advance of the election, I think President Trump talking markets is a mistake and does not represent the middle class and average investor. The president's focus should be on the things that are important for the middle class...

The Dangers of Confusing Trading and Investing

Markets Trying to Work Higher

College Football opens tonight and the markets continue to trade in a holiday crazed fashion. Bubba talks about hurricane ravaged Houston and how devastating the entire story is, though Bubba states that out of this darkness will come jobs. The markets are trying to work higher, but they are still below the last high.

Retail Ice Age Reflection of Lousy Economy

Bubba Talks Market Conditions

The solar eclipse is over and it was obvious that the markets wanted to see it because they traded as if they were closed. Today on The Bubba Show, Bubba talks about the general market conditions and explains why he sees the top of the markets...

Renegotiating NAFTA

NAFTA First Round of Talks

Opening-round talks to remake the North American Free Trade Agreement revealed early fissures dividing the U.S. from Mexico and Canada, including a Trump administration proposal to require a “substantial” portion of autos and auto parts produced under the pact be made in the U.S...

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