Markets Stay Neutral While Assessing Next Move

How IPOs Come to Market

Today on The Bubba Show, Bubba Report contributor Keith Bliss from Cuttone and Company is back to talk with Bubba about markets and future expectations. Bubba asks Keith for his present views on the markets and Keith explains that the markets should stay rather neutral...

Bear Market Rallies are Meant to be Sold

Trading Action Indicates the Market has reached the Top

The weekend is over and now we move into a holiday shortened week, following a wild trading week that finished unchanged after moving 200 points every day. Bubba talks about the market tops being in as indicated by the trading action. The jobs number was brutal and the Syrian bombing could wind up creating some action this week...

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The financial systems around the world are rigged and meant to benefit everyone except for the people that need it the most. For some reason, the middle class is the most abused group today and has been since the beginning of time. The very group that supports everyone else is the same group that gets screwed at every turn, by the banks, government and every other organization that has any control.

Crazy? I think not...

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Experts and Pundits: This Time Is Different

With great exhaustion, I must say, again the experts and pundits are trying to convince us that this time is different, though it never is. Turn on network TV and the cheerleading pundits hoot and holler with every new high, DOW 20,000, next DOW 21,000, oh my God- Dow 1 million. Amazingly, this cheerleading is no different than any other time in history...

Trump Wants Intel Inside

Intel's Big Investment

Once upon a time, the world was deemed flat. Globalization did not exist and companies really didn't outsource or do a ton of business with other countries. Then, the era of globalization was ushered in, hitting us smack in the face and outsourcing quickly became one of the U.S.'s favorite activities. Companies began to move their labor overseas, to parts of the world where labor costs were sure to be much lower, and that's the way the world has been ever since...

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Dow 20K Believe it or Not

Dow 20,000

It's official. The Dow not only broke through, but closed above 20,000 for the first time in history yesterday. We'd been poking at 20,000 for almost three weeks now but couldn't quite break through. It's amazing how resilient this market has been even with the Fed signaling raising rates, and of the course the new Trump administration...

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Alibaba Using Trump to Become Amazon?

Alibaba Founder Pledges to Create 1 Million Jobs

Trump Tower has been a busy place over the past few weeks as Donald Trump prepares to take his place in the White House on January 20th. Jack Ma, Alibaba Group founder and executive chairman, met with Trump yesterday to discuss U.S.-China business relationships and efforts to create more jobs in America...

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