GE: Not Bringing Good Things to Investors

GE Hits New Low

General Electric Co.’s shares continued their long slide Monday even as new Chief Executive Larry Culp tried to put the market at ease about the direction of the conglomerate and its troubled power division. The stock fell as much as 10% Monday before recovering some of its loss to end at $7.99...

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Keurig to Acquire Dr. Pepper Snapple

The maker of Keurig coffee machines is taking over Dr Pepper Snapple Group Inc., a marriage that combines popular brands that have struggled with increased competition and shifting consumer tastes. The transaction, which would pay nearly $19 billion in cash to Dr Pepper Snapple investors...

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Will Bitcoin Destroy the Gold Market?

Dave Bellamy

Bitcoin is the digital peer to peer currency launched around 2009 with little or no monetary value at the time. It was even discussed back then whether it would ever have any use or monetary value. Now each unit is worth over $10,000, varying from day to day as it trades and there are about 17 million Bitcoin units outstanding, giving a total market value of around $170 billion to the current Bitcoin currency supply...

Never Try to Outsmart the Market

Observation and Patience Are a Trade of Their Own

Bitcoin Bubbles as markets make new highs again. Santa Claus is staying and the rally lives on. Bubba talks about the ability to hold back and not trade, explaining that observation and patience are a trade of their own. It’s you against the market and sometimes it’s better to walk away ...

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Stock market manipulation has been around since the beginning of time, whether it be from the pink sheet stocks we saw from Jordan Belfort aka The Wolf of Wall Street, Michael Milken, and Ivan Boesky, or any of the thousands of villains that have never been discovered. When it comes to money, most will do almost anything, ignoring the risk that goes with their schemes and actions...