What is Driving the Rally in Grains?

How Can Farmers Defend Against Disaster?

Wednesday on The Bubba Show, Bubba brings back the Goddess of Grains, Angie Setzer, who is also the Vice President of Grains at Citizens Elevator. Angie and Bubba discuss the recent rally in grains and what’s driving it higher. Both agree that the rally is no surprise...

Bitcoin Fades Away?

Markets Recovered Over Half of Recent Losses

Markets have rallied 6 days in a row and have recovered about 60% of the recent losses. Today on The Bubba Show, the big question is whether the rip-your-face-off rally continues or will Darth Vader return. Bubba believes that the tops are in. Find out what Jane King and Matt Demeter have to say...

FED Dollar Manipulation Benefiting Commodities, but for How Long?

Oil Remains Overvalued

The markets are now on a 6-day winning streak coming halfway back from the big sell-off. Bubba explains that this action was expected and should come as no surprise. Short covering, vicious rallies are part of a market that is making a top...

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Grains Finally Squeeze Out a Rally

Are Agricultural Markets Experiencing the Effects of the Dollar?

It’s Valentine’s Day and Bubba brings in his Valentine, the Goddess of Grains, Angie Setzer. Bubba and Angie talk about the recent rally in grains, which both of them thought was imminent. Markets are seeing more buying and the price levels were too low...

Danielle DiMartino Booth

Whither stagflation? Say it isn’t so! Like it or not, the unrounded core inflation for January came in closer to a gain of 0.4%. In other words, look for the year-over-year rate’s next stop to be 1.9%. What could offset this march upwards? New car prices fell month-over-month and year-over-year. This trend should accelerate as millions of SUVs come off lease this year. The question is, does the threat of rising inflation become a self-fulfilling prophesy?

Volume & Volatility Confirm This Market Has Topped

Expect Vicious Rallies

Markets put together a rip-your-face-off rally to start the week. Today on The Bubba Show, Bubba talks about why it happened and what to do about it. For weeks, Bubba has talked about the rising volatility and the market sell-off. There are always going to be rip-your-face-off rallies when the markets are putting in a top...

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Markets Near Bottom or Headed Lower?

Oil, Bonds, and Crypto Reach Their Peak

The markets opened much higher on Monday and Bubba feels that this is just another selling opportunity. The stock market pundits and advisers are busy chirping about today’s strength, while Bubba believes the markets are still headed much lower....