Complacency Rules the Market

Markets in La-La Land

Back to work on this fine Monday and the markets are still in La-La Land, with not a care in the world, it seems markets may never go down again. Bubba points out that this is a familiar pattern as seen in every major bubble in history. The confidence level is bursting as investors display their willingness to buy on margin. Complacency is in charge and will be the reason for the next big sell off...

Investors Display Bullish Complacency

Recipe for Market Disaster?

The weekend is over, as is Easter and Passover, and everyone is back to work. Last week was quite a week for a shortened holiday trading week, culminating in President Trump having the MOAB (mother of all bombs) dropped in Afghanistan. The market was soft and volatility was rising, but will this be the start of the event that brings the markets lower?

Record Positions on Dow & Volatility Futures

What’s Next for Markets?

Bubba comes back from the weekend talking about the NCAA final four and both of his winning picks. Now Bubba steps out to call the top of the markets. He explained this set up weeks ago and described how the events should take place. The first part of the big rally to the upside has occurred and the lower highs have occurred, let’s see what happens...

Markets Signal Trouble

Technical View of Recent Market Action

Bubba is back and the markets are showing signs of trouble. There is also trouble on the hill causing people to lose their minds. Bubba talks about the failed health care vote and the problems to come. Bubba is more convinced than ever that the markets have found their top or are very close, warning investors to be careful...

Have Markets Reached their Tops?

Oil Positioned for Dead Cat Bounce before Going Lower

The weekend is over and the NCAA tournament has been narrowed down to the sweet 16, but not without controversy. The top headline for the tournament now should be ‘Northwestern making their first NCAA in history gets ripped off by the referees’ on what could be the worst call in history. Very similar to the FED and Janet Yellen, maybe they were doing the officiating...

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Growing Bubble in Markets Cannot Last

Bond Markets Remain Under Pressure

Spring is in the air, daylight savings time and love, while the markets are running out of time and the bubble is getting ready to burst. Today on The Bubba Show, Bubba talks about the growing bubble in the markets and the indication that the end is near. Bubba goes over the euphoria in the current markets and the reasons why it cannot last...

The Short Side is the Right Side

Not Much Upside Left for Market

Today on The Bubba Show, Bubba talks about the blow off top he thinks the markets made last Wednesday. Bubba feels the near-term top is in for now, but is not looking for a disastrous sell off, instead more profit taking and a small sell off...

Commercial Traders Look to Short Oil

Market Correction Expected

Today on The Bubba Show, Bubba blasts the Oscars as the newest political venue. It seems we can no longer sit and enjoy an award show without political posturing throughout a huge portion of the show. Bubba shows his frustration as he hopes we can go back to being Americans without all the division. Bubba talks about the markets and his belief that the top is in...

DOW Reaches Top?

Dollar to Work Lower

It’s President’s Day and Bubba is on the warpath about the economy and the false system in which we live under. The rigged financial system has Bubba talking about the ridiculous policies and way the middle class is abused under the current laws...

The Impending Market Sell Off

Is This Time Different?

Markets are at new highs and a new week is upon us. The markets will never go down again, until they do. Bubba lays out a few facts, TV pundits are cheerleading the markets like crazy, meanwhile advisers are getting their clients in fast so that they can get commissions, and the cries of “this time is different” are all over the place...