Growing Bubble in Markets Cannot Last

Bond Markets Remain Under Pressure

Spring is in the air, daylight savings time and love, while the markets are running out of time and the bubble is getting ready to burst. Today on The Bubba Show, Bubba talks about the growing bubble in the markets and the indication that the end is near. Bubba goes over the euphoria in the current markets and the reasons why it cannot last...

Commercial Traders Look to Short Oil

Market Correction Expected

Today on The Bubba Show, Bubba blasts the Oscars as the newest political venue. It seems we can no longer sit and enjoy an award show without political posturing throughout a huge portion of the show. Bubba shows his frustration as he hopes we can go back to being Americans without all the division. Bubba talks about the markets and his belief that the top is in...

NASDAQ Steadily Higher, While Russell Weakens

Is the Promise of Growth Overstated?

Markets remain as stagnant as can be. Bubba discusses market conditions and then shares his Monday night strategy call with listeners. Bubba explains that current market action is not very conducive to active trading and is more of a trap as are all consolidation markets. The DOW and S&P are flat and in congestion, the NASDAQ is a monster, trending higher and making new high after new high, while the Russell is the weakest and is the choice to short the market...

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Markets Search for a Reason to Move Down

NASDAQ to Continue Upward Momentum?

Bubba welcomes everyone back from the weekend and greets them with the news that the markets are searching for a reason to go down. Bubba talks a little about Donald Trump and his attempts to get the job done...

Obama Bids Farewell with Solid Speech

Stressing the Importance of a Peaceful Transfer

Markets continue to defy the truth, but can they handle the truth? Market divergence is becoming an everyday occurrence while the NASDAQ continues to make new highs, the DOW and S&P 500 are struggling and the Russell is flying up and down. Bubba believes that you cannot fight the markets here,...

NASDAQ: More Room to the Upside?

The Latest in Ag Markets

It’s all systems go now that the holidays are over and the year is ready to begin. Bubba talks about the DOW falling .37 short of 20,000 on Friday and says that the markets can still go either way, although he will continue to lean to the short side as a trader. Bubba talks about compounding your portfolio and explains that the stock market is the way to go...

Italian ‘No’ Vote Sends Markets Higher

Has the NASDAQ Reached a Top?

The Italian referendum was a solid no vote which Bubba called last week right here on The Bubba Show. The markets sold off, but as has been the pattern, the markets quickly recovered and are going much higher, setting records once again. Bubba warns that this is the pattern and trying to fight it is a losing game...

Is the Trump Rally Being Over Bought?

Disaster was predicted if Donald Trump were to be elected as President. The markets, they all said, were going to collapse. The world was sweating out how bad the damage would be with Donald Trump as the president, Mark Cuban said he would rather give up all his money than to have Donald Trump as president.

Markets Find Renewed Strength After Election

Will Trump Administration Tackle Over-Regulation?

Wow! What a week, between the Trump victory and market explosion, Bubba is back after enjoying the weekend. Bubba talks about the new highs in the equity markets as well as the prospects of the Trump administration.