Commodities Under Heavy Pressure

Markets Going Nowhere Without Volatility

The weekend is over, but the markets do not care, as they continue to churn in a range with no volatility and no interest. The markets are in the torture cycle, making trading tough for everyone. The healthcare bill is still lost in congress, along with growth and tax cuts...

Oil Plummets OPEC Screwed

Oil Slump

Crude plunged into a bear market on Tuesday, sinking another 2.2% to settle at a nine-month low of $43.23 a barrel. The sell-off leaves oil down 22% from early January, eclipsing the 20% needed to qualify for a bear market. The big fear gripping the energy markets is that the world continues to have too much oil...

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Manipulation of Markets Proves Damaging

Highs Made for Nasdaq 100 & Russell?

Technical Analyst Matt Demeter Joins Bubba

What a weekend, the U.S. Open and Father’s Day, now Bubba is back to talk about many of the flaws in the markets. Bubba discusses how severely broken the system has become and why it is we allow this to continue, because that is the way we have always done it. Bubba brings up the manipulation of markets and how damaging it has proven to be...

Manipulation Killing Free Markets

While the FED is out there begging for inflation so they can tax me more on what I already own, what has happened to free markets and true price discovery? Normalization has become the new buzz word, but a better question would be, what is normal?

Markets Push to New Highs

The Rally Continues After Laughable Jobs Number

Markets have lost their minds and continue to push to new highs on promises of tax cuts, health care reform and growth. If this were a baseball game, Bubba would call it a strike out, as none of these things will happen this year. The Friday jobs number was laughable and still, the markets rallied. That only shows how starved for yield investors are...

Petrodollar Disappearing?

Adapting to Changes in Currency and Technology

Bubba brings in top gun Vince Lanci on Thursday’s show. Vince has Almost 30 years’ experience trading commodity derivatives, starting out as a market maker on the floor of the Nymex, Comex, and Nybot exchanges. In 2007, he formed Echobay Partners, a venture cap. group specializing in Exchange Vertical Investments. Bubba and Vince talk market conditions and other factors affecting the economy...

Markets Swirl in Consolidation

The Breakout Can Go Either Way

What’s up, it’s back to work and Bubba comes in with fire this Monday on The Bubba Show. He begins with a recap of the action from last week and reminds everyone not to get too excited about any one day, as the markets are still revolving around the mean. In other words, they are going nowhere...