Trump’s War on Prescription Drugs

The War on Drug... Prices

President Donald Trump told Democrats at the White House yesterday that he wants to do something about U.S. drug prices, according to a lawmaker at the meeting. For year, congressional Democrats have tried to pass legislation to allow Medicare to negotiate prescription drug prices for millions of beneficiaries...

OPEC and Oil, a Barrel of Laughs

Oil Prices Inch Up

Oil markets were mixed on Tuesday, supported by Saudi Arabia saying it would strictly adhere to a commitment to cut output, but held back by skepticism in financial markets about the outlook for crude prices. U.S. West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude oil futures were trading up 16 cents at $52.53 per barrel...

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Market Collapse? Not If, But When

Does the Jobs Number Mean Anything at this Point?

The lunacy continues as President Obama tries to tell America what a great job he has done during his tenure in the White House. Does the president really think that the American people are that dumb and actually believe that he has done a good job? With the exception of the farce that has become the stock market, this has been the worst economic time in history...

Oil Surges on Supposed OPEC Agreement

OPEC "Agrees" to Cut Oil Production

After a ton of back and forth, OPEC nations have finally reached a preliminary agreement to curb oil production. Mohammed Bin Saleh Al-Sada, Qatar's energy minister and current president of OPEC, announced the deal after several hours of talks Wednesday in the Algerian capital. This was the first time since the financial crisis eight years ago that they decided to cut production...

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Markets Search for a Top

Bottoming Action in Ag Sector

It’s a puke fest in the Agricultural markets thanks to the bankers who are calling loans in from farmers thereby forcing them out at what is probably the bottom. Bubba expresses his disdain for the bankers who are giving farmers the tap on the shoulder, not allowing the markets a chance for recovery and forcing liquidation.

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