New Look CVS?

The CEOs of drug retailer CVS and health insurer Aetna were marvelously in sync Sunday when they jointly announced their companies' $69-billion merger deal. The deal will "dramatically further empower consumers," Aetna's Mark Bertolini said. It will "create a platform that is easier to use and less expensive for consumers," according to Larry J. Merlo, president and CEO of CVS Health...

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Black Friday Exposes Disparity Between Old and New Retail Models

Bitcoin Earns Credibility

Black Friday 2017 has arrived, everyone is stuffed with food and shopping deals, and Bubba wants to know if it’s worth it. The stores are opening earlier and earlier which creates more cost, putting a greater disparity between brick and mortar retailers and online shopping...

FED Gauges Market

Growth Continues to Slow

Janet Yellen is out once again with many other Fed Governors trying to gauge market opinion, as they try to figure out what’s next. Bubba believes this is done intentionally to test public and market opinion. Growth continues to slow, yet the FED tells us they are doing a good job...


Toys "R" Us Debt Struggle

Toys "R" Us Inc. has tapped lawyers at Kirkland & Ellis to help restructure its heavy debt load, said people familiar with the matter, the latest sign of trouble for a once-mighty retailer that has struggled to fend off Inc. and the discount chains...

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