From Market Rally to Market Beatdown

Bubba Breaks Down the Markets

Monday’s rip-your-face-off rally was met with a beatdown on Tuesday amidst selling pressure. This is no surprise as Bubba discussed this all week and has called the top of the market, explaining to listeners that in these conditions you look to sell rallies...

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Market Valuations Nearly as High as 1929 Crash

Commercials Have Accumulated a Record VIX Position

Quite the weekend, as the U.S. engaged in a little air show with our B1 Bombers to show North Korea that we are serious. President Trump’s decision to show force to North Korea was good, but his decision to antagonize professional athletes was a huge mistake. Jane King and Matt Demeter join Bubba to discuss politics and markets...

Playing the Market with Mining Stocks

Bubba Welcomes Independent Trader Andrew “Drew” Higgins

Apple announced its new product on Tuesday, along with its hefty price tag. Today on The Bubba Show, Bubba welcomes independent trader and mining stocks expert Andrew “Drew” Higgins. Bubba talks about the world of metals and mining and Drew discusses the ways to play the markets...