CBOE Plans to Launch Bitcoin Futures

A Win for Cryptocurrency

Today on The Bubba Show, Bubba talks about the CBOE’s launch of bitcoin derivatives trading products, as the credibility and safety of being backed by an exchange is huge for Bitcoin...

Trading with The Trend

Bubba welcomes Michael Melissinos

Michael is from the same school as Bubba, meaning that they will trade any market as long as it’s liquid and a valid trend can be found. Trading with the trend is a long process that creates results, but takes patience and discipline to find and then manage...

Trade the Time Frame That Suits You

Price, Volume, and Patterns

The education continues on today’s Bubba Show as Bubba shares more of his Saturday webinar with listeners.

Bubba discusses technical analysis and tells listeners that all charts are the same, the shortest time frame always resolves into the longer time frame and all patterns repeat...

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