Trump Recognizes Jerusalem as Israel's Capital

President Donald Trump granted U.S. recognition to Jerusalem as the capital of Israel on Wednesday, veering from decades of U.S. policy and launching an uncertain chapter in Washington's decades long quest for peace between the Israelis and Palestinians...

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Simpler Tax Code?

President Trump and GOP leaders proposed sharply reducing tax rates on businesses and many individuals, kicking off a major legislative push to overhaul the nation's tax code this year. The ambitious framework released Wednesday by party leaders sketched out a range of tax changes...

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Debt Grows as Markets Make All-Time Highs

Headed for Disaster?

What a football weekend and what a week for the markets! Markets had the biggest up week of the year as complacency is at all-time highs. Margin debt continues to climb and debt in general is growing. No one is worried that the debt to GDP is at 105%. Jane King and Matt Demeter join the show...


Time for Tax Reform?

President Trump called on Congress to approve a steep cut in corporate tax rates and simplify the U.S. tax system, urging bipartisan support for a tax plan congressional Republicans are sketching out. Trump's remarks were a cover-all opening pitch for the major tax bill that Republicans aim to pass ahead of the 2018 midterm elections...

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Pressure on Pakistan

The Trump administration on Tuesday outlined steps it is prepared to take to raise pressure on Pakistan to stop harboring extremist groups, including sanctions on government officials, ramping up U.S. drone strikes in the country, and further cutting aid...

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Renegotiating NAFTA

NAFTA First Round of Talks

Opening-round talks to remake the North American Free Trade Agreement revealed early fissures dividing the U.S. from Mexico and Canada, including a Trump administration proposal to require a “substantial” portion of autos and auto parts produced under the pact be made in the U.S...

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