Markets Have No Fear

Investors Still Quite Comfortable

Markets once again prove that they have no fear and the buyers will keep coming until they don’t. Today on The Bubba Show, Bubba talks about some of the key things to watch in a market that lacks volatility. The main indication you get from a market like this is that falling volatility will never lead to a market sell off.

Bubba’s Bottom Line #306 – Profit Taking Motivation for Recent Sell-Off, Not Panic

With corporate earnings season now underway, Todd "Bubba" Horwitz hosts episode 306 of Bubba's Bottom Line, to speak about the developing selling pressure, which is a simple profit taking sell-off, and not rooted in fear as old media financial pundits would have you believe. Nevertheless, volatility remains low, and the current dip is not a panic as levels in the Dow Jones continue to be idle in the 19,800 to 20k range

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Federal Reserve Policy: The Cash Menagerie

Danielle DiMartino Booth

The Daily Shot’s Lev Borodovsky has been inducing a steady stream of Deja vu moments of late. The Greeks have a debt problem. Italian yields are on the rise. And an overly intrusive central bank has pushed two-thirds of junk bond yields to under three percent...

Bubba’s Bottom Line #305 Is Market Making a Rally or is this the Start of New Pattern?

Episode number 305 of Bubba's Bottom Line hosted by Todd Horwitz. Today Bubba speaks to the increased volatility seen in the market as of late, with a possible move to the downside, but the overall complacency may see the market make a brief upswing, to make a rounded-top. However, Bubba explains that "guessing" which way the market will break is not the move, and instead now is the time to watch for the formation of a new pattern.

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Complacency Keeps Markets from Falling

What’s Ahead for Grains and Livestock?

Today on The Bubba Show, Bubba talks markets and explains why the recent selloff is not real nor is it likely to continue until the VIX and volatility start to participate. The stench of complacency will keep the buyers in control and prevent markets from falling hard or correcting...