Trade Wars Don’t Affect Alibaba

Alibaba Sales Jump

E-commerce giant Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. reported a 61% increase in sales, as Chinese consumers continued to spend on the internet despite slowing economic growth. Alibaba, the operator of China’s two largest e-commerce platforms Taobao and Tmall, said in a statement on Thursday its core e-commerce business kept charging ahead in the most recent quarter...

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Danielle DiMartino Booth

If you’re looking for hard guidance in today’s Federal Open Market Committee statement, I’d suggest you tamp your enthusiasm. Janet Yellen has orchestrated the slowest tightening cycle in history, defying even the ‘measured’ pace at which Alan Greenspan tightened which culminated in the housing bubble bursting. The last thing Yellen wants to do at her last FOMC meeting is stir any pot...

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Petrodollar Disappearing?

Adapting to Changes in Currency and Technology

Bubba brings in top gun Vince Lanci on Thursday’s show. Vince has Almost 30 years’ experience trading commodity derivatives, starting out as a market maker on the floor of the Nymex, Comex, and Nybot exchanges. In 2007, he formed Echobay Partners, a venture cap. group specializing in Exchange Vertical Investments. Bubba and Vince talk market conditions and other factors affecting the economy...