Gold and Silver: Breakdown or Bottom?

April, 24, 2019|

It appears that gold and silver are now at the moment of truth; are they breaking down or making a bottom? Of course, that question is impossible to answer today based on the current information at hand. A case can be made for both...

CBS Keeps Ianniello On Top

April, 24, 2019|

CBS Suspends Search for CEO

CBS announced Tuesday that it will suspend its search for a new CEO and that it will keep acting CEO Joseph Ianniello in the role through the end of the year. Earlier this month, CNBC had reported that CBS had missed its own internal deadline to find a successor for Les Moonves...

Samsung Folds into Trouble

April, 23, 2019|

Samsung Delays Galaxy Fold Release

Samsung Electronics Co. delayed the rollout of its Galaxy Fold because of technical problems just days ahead of its planned launch, a blow to the hardware giant and its hopes for a product it billed as one of the smartphone market’s biggest innovations in years...

Gold Sitting at 1280

April, 22, 2019|

Gold has managed to hold on around the 1280 level for the last couple of days which is positive action for the yellow metal. This doesn’t mean a rally is going to ensue from here, but it’s a positive sign...

IPO’s Zoom in on Pinterest

April, 22, 2019|

IPO Frenzy

The rush of so-called unicorn start-ups toward the public markets had a rocky start. But Thursday indicated that investors remain eager to get a piece of them. Shares in Pinterest, the digital pin board, jumped over 28 percent on its first day of trading...

Gold Hovers Around 1280

April, 18, 2019|

Gold is acting as we would like as it hovers around the 1280 level. Although the yellow metal traded as low as 1273 on Wednesday, that is certainly within the margins of error...

Qualcomm Settles with Apple

April, 18, 2019|

Qualcomm on a Roll

Through more than two years of takeover threats and legal strife, Qualcomm Inc. trained its focus on the future promises of 5G. That fixation is paying off so far. The chip maker’s lead in fifth-generation wireless technology persuaded the Trump administration last year to block a hostile bid by Broadcom Inc...