Gold Rally Rolls On

August, 16, 2019|

Another day another rally in Gold, the redundancy of it all. Gold and Silver continue to push higher making new highs on a regular basis and look prepped to make another run higher...

Whistle Blows on GE

August, 16, 2019|

More Trouble for GE?

General Electric shares fell more than 13 percent on Thursday morning after Madoff whistleblower Harry Markopolos targeted the conglomerate in a new report, accusing it of issuing fraudulent financial statements to hide the extent of its problems...

Gold Pushing the Limits

August, 15, 2019|

It has been a wild week in the metals, Gold and Silver pushed to new highs. Gold continues its dominance over Silver with the ratio of 90-1. Our expectations are that both metals will consolidate at these levels before continuing...

WeWORK Getting Ready

August, 15, 2019|

WeWork IPO Brewing

WeWork’s parent company unveiled the papers for its initial public offering, depicting a business whose revenue—and losses—are ballooning. The filing Wednesday gives the most-detailed financials to date of We Co., which was known as WeWork Cos...

Gold in Consolidation

August, 12, 2019|

Since peaking on Wednesday both gold and silver have been churning in consolidation. Rally attempts are met with sellers and sell offs are met with buyers. This is the congestion pattern which is simply a pause in the current uptrend...

Is This the Vietnam Era Again?

August, 12, 2019|

It has been fifty years since the height of the Vietnam war that the country has become so divided. The tragedies that occurred this past week in a Walmart in El Paso, Texas and in Dayton, Ohio have split the country into two parts...

Gold Tries to Rally, Stalls Instead

August, 9, 2019|

Thursday, gold was under pressure but did make an attempt at a rally. Gold did get positive for a few minutes before closely marginally lower for the day. The action is exactly what we called for, which should lead a period of consolidation...

Uber’s Losses Mounting

August, 9, 2019|

Uber Posts Huge Loss

Uber Technologies Inc. recorded its largest-ever quarterly loss as it was weighed down by heavy competition in Latin America and elsewhere, as well as a big expense related to its initial public offering...