Inversion, whereby the desired outcome is the diametric opposite of the publicly stated goal or action is a favorite tactic of those who ascribe to the murderous philosophy of Marxism, itself now cloaked by a more palatable politically correct euphemism, Post-Modernism. Despite this rebranding of the Twentieth-Century’s most abstrusely blood-soaked doctrine, the motivation remains the same: the centralization and control over every aspect of human life from cradle to grave unto an “equally” poor, genderless, disarmed, and starving stable of obedient Tax Cows, ergo a Totalitarian Tolerance dictated and enforced by the STATE.

The seemingly coordinated effort last week by Apple, Facebook, Spotify, Google/YouTube, to ban Alex Jones from their platforms, after his having a presence for years, reeks of a real-time example of this most favored of Marxist maneuvers. As such, the Big Tech oligarchs are going all-in, raising the stakes hoping to capitalize on a two-pronged Hegelian strategy to victory.  Whereby not only does Silicon Valley’s deplatforming, at least in theory, check Alex Jones’ influence & ability to push-back against the progressive propagandists salivating to see a Blue Wave overtake Congress from Republicans in the mid-term elections; by sending InfoWars to the Digital Gulag, such has primed the outrage meter by appealing to an individual’s general sense of fairness and/or those holding perfunctory support of the First Amendment.

However, the cheap-shot censoring levied by social media technocrats is not the primary hazard, as the market is already responding: spiking the site’s organic traffic and pushing InfoWars mobile apps that remain accessible at the time of writing this editorial to new levels of popularity. No dear friends of Liberty, the true danger to Free Speech lies firmly in the authoritarian snake-oil salesman fomenting an inverse reaction that advances the true agenda to wholly undermine the principle of speech free from government oversight and thus institutionalize new-media communication under the direction of a petty bureaucratic politburo staffed by lobbyists & executives of legacy media, aka the FCC/FTC/FEC.

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