PG&E at Fault

PG&E Caused Massive 2018 Fire

California's Pacific Gas and Electric power company is responsible for the devastating 2018 Camp Fire — a blaze that killed 85 people and destroyed thousands of structures — according to investigators with the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection...

Toys ‘R’ Us in Demand

Toys ‘R’ Us Receives Multiple Bids

Toys ‘R’ Us Inc.’s U.S. business is in the midst of a wind-down, but its Asian business may have hope for survival. The toy retailer has received multiple bids of more than $1 billion for a majority stake in its Asian business, the company’s bankruptcy attorney said in court on Wednesday...

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Just the Beginning for Failing Pensions

Nortel Cleared to End Bankruptcy

Nortel Networks Corp. won approval to start distributing $7.3 billion to creditors, a major step in the long-running demise of the telecommunications company. Judges in Delaware and Canada approved the plan yesterday, ending years of litigation over the former telecommunications company that filed for bankruptcy in 2009...

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