Gold and Silver Can’t Find Buyers

Gold and Silver remain under pressure and are possibly breaking down through another key support level. 1460 February Gold and 1670 March Silver appears to be a key level. Both metals look in danger of falling below those levels which will bring new sellers to the party once again...

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Key Reversal for Markets as Volatility Rises

Trading Opportunities to Increase

Wednesday on The Bubba Show, Bubba talks about Tuesday’s key reversal pattern, as markets made new all-time highs and closed lower, which usually signifies a reversal of trend in the markets. Bubba warns not to get too excited or too aggressive to the downside as this pattern has repeatedly failed...

Oil and Gold are Moving

Bullish or Bearish?

It’s Monday November 20th, and Bubba is still steaming about the lousy tax plan that was passed the House last week. It feels as though President Trump has settled for a hollow victory, not getting the plan he wanted or that he promised the American people. Bubba talks about what to expect in markets during the Thanksgiving holiday and is joined by Jane King and Matt Demeter...

Look for New Money to Flow into Ag Markets

Bearish USDA Report Baked In, Will Grains Rally Off their Lows?

Angie Setzer, the Goddess of Grains and the vice president of grains at Citizens Elevator, joins Bubba to discuss the USDA report. The report was expected to be bearish and it was...

The Dangers of Confusing Trading and Investing

Markets Trying to Work Higher

College Football opens tonight and the markets continue to trade in a holiday crazed fashion. Bubba talks about hurricane ravaged Houston and how devastating the entire story is, though Bubba states that out of this darkness will come jobs. The markets are trying to work higher, but they are still below the last high.