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There are but three weeks remaining for the EU and Britain to agree upon the terms of a Brexit transition, scheduled to take place in 2019. But it’s becoming increasingly likely Prime Minister Teresa May and her conservative government won’t even push off the starting block to getting a deal done...

Debt and Currency Manipulation Pose Real Threat

Is the Bull Market Over for Bonds?

Bubba welcomes back Dr. Bob Swarup from Camdor Global and author of the best seller Money Mania: Panics, Booms, and Busts. Bob continues to beat the drum on debt, asserting that there is too much debt and no sign to indicate this debt is going to go away anytime soon. The larger problem currently is the rise in interest rates and the damage it will cause...

Only Route to Survival: Free Markets Must Return

Could the Italian Vote Make for Market Disaster?

Today on The Bubba Show, Bubba wants to know, what the hell is going on with the markets? Have we not learned that you cannot keep trying to borrow your way out of debt? Bubba talks about the current state of the economy and how the pundits glow over the new highs set in the Dow, but conveniently forget about the diverging markets...

Global Trade: Fading to Black

Danielle DiMartino Booth

Greetings from Tuscany! Here I sit perched in the homeland of my forefathers marveling at a beauty even I find hard to describe. Perhaps, though, landscape is not my forte. On the other hand….surprise, surprise. I couldn’t resist querying the local merchants and businesspeople. In the spirit of kicking off conversation, I complimented the country’s ability to issue a 50-year sovereign bond for such a low yield – 2.85 percent!