Pepsi Please

PepsiCo to Buy SodaStream

Beverage and snack giant PepsiCo announced plans Monday to acquire at-home carbonated drink maker SodaStream for $3.2 billion. Purchase, New York-based PepsiCo agreed to pay $144 per share in cash for SodaStream's outstanding stock, a 32 percent premium to its 30-day volume weighted average price...

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From Market Rally to Market Beatdown

Bubba Breaks Down the Markets

Monday’s rip-your-face-off rally was met with a beatdown on Tuesday amidst selling pressure. This is no surprise as Bubba discussed this all week and has called the top of the market, explaining to listeners that in these conditions you look to sell rallies...

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Buy the Rumor, Sell the News

Big Market Move Brewing

With markets on edge, Bubba talks about the existing problems within and what could possibly happen going forward. The pundits continue to talk up the markets looking for the rally to continue, demonstrating they have no clue as to how markets work...

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New Year, Same Fear Mongers

It’s a new year and we are dealing with the same crap, the fear mongers are out in force warning of DOW 5000, Gold 10,000, and a bunch of other predictions of ignorance to get your money. Fear is the driver of the doom and gloom jackasses out there that have never risked one of their own dollars in their idiotic predictions.

For the record, I’m personally bearish the overall markets and have been for quite a while...

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Buy, Sell, or Get the Hell Out of the Way

As 2016 winds down and the markets are within a small rally to 20,000 DOW, is it time to buy, sell, or get the hell out of the way? The question by itself brings up the uncertainty of investors, the conviction of traders and the overall lack of interest in the markets to begin with...

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